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Coach Tran Minh Chien speaks out about the group of players who quit training

“All the players are professional, so they can easily see their mistakes. The fact that they think they are right I have not discussed here, but they actively asked me to return to practice is also a positive thing and I welcome”, Coach Tran Minh Chien said.

Coach Tran Minh Chien talked for a long time with the players before the training session on April 9 started. The captain of the HCM City Club said that the fact that the public players actively asked him to return to practice was a positive sign and did not affect the team’s training plan much.

“Actually, the volume and lesson plan of the last two training sessions are not much, I still let the rest of the players practice normally and of course they will be given a chance.”

Coach Tran Minh Chien added: “The recent scandals have not affected much to the HCM City Club. I am here to build a team play style, no one is allowed to think they are outstanding to be able to do other things, I believe they will. agree and focus on the upcoming match.”

Coach Tran Minh Chien speaks out about the group of players who quit training - 1

Coach Tran Minh Chien welcomes the return of the group of talented players

Ho Chi Minh City Club will renegotiate the issue of pre-payments for 2021 with the players, the meeting is scheduled to take place on April 14.

At the practice session on the afternoon of April 9, Coach Tran Minh mainly let his students practice gentle fighting exercises. Opinion about opponents Saigon FC In the eighth round of the National Cup, the captain of the HCM City Club was cautious, what he wanted was for the students to keep their style of playing hard on the field and temporarily forget the previous scandals.

“Following the rounds at the last V.League 2022, I see that Saigon’s play style can be better or equal to ours. However, in football, nothing can be said, the important thing is that I want the players to play with dedication, create style and show the spirit of fairplay on the field.” Coach Tran Minh Chien said.

The match between HCMC FC and Saigon FC in the 1/8 round of the 2022 National Cup will take place at 19:15 today (April 10).

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