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Do Thi Ha performed brilliantly at the opening of the show “Sa Vu” by designer Le Thanh Hoa-Fashion

If the first part is a playground of neutral, gentle and ethereal tones, then in the latter part, the audience sublimes with the colorful party of summer including orange, pink, yellow, blue… Viewers feel lost. Enter the world of cacti from arid to green, blooming the first flower and so on hundreds of flowers bloom. Sexy, bold and trendy are the prominent keywords in this section.

The cut lines are sculpted, fully utilized, honoring the curves of women.

In order to match the hot weather and the atmosphere of sunny and windy holidays, besides linen, silk and silk, Le Thanh Hoa has created new and exclusive materials, including lace. This type of lace is computer-embroidered with images of cactus layers with very expensive processing costs, or cactus flowers are attached 3D and hand-embroidered.

“Sa Vu” brings emotion in the final part with designs that show the uniqueness of Le Thanh Hoa’s creativity, imbued with performance art. Designers freely play with many materials with an improvised sand dune pattern created by the wind.

The highlight in this section is the fictional designs. Simple but attractive silver strapless dress. Evening gown with hood brings the breath of the Middle Ages. The asymmetrical skirt is made up of numerous layers of flowing fabric. Catsuit with feathers fluttering in the footsteps of the model. All created a satisfying “fashion party”.

Not only investing in costumes, the show also impresses on stage ideas. Inspired by the sand dunes in Phan Thiet, the crew collected tons of sand and spread it on the 40 meter long runway. With neutral colors, the stage blends well with the costumes, clearly expressing the spirit of the collection.

General director Hoang Nhat Nam said: “The sand in the show has been selected and treated many times to get the desired color, size, and smoothness. Along with the sound, colorful light showing the wild look, we want the audience to have a feeling. It’s like sitting in the middle of a real desert to enjoy fashion.”

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