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Everyone mocks this “toy” until the barrel fires: Not medium?

Last year, US-based Arcflash Labs researched, manufactured and allowed pre-orders for the GR-1 Anvil electromagnetic rifle shaped like a toy gun, with a structure including: 1 long gun body weighing up to 9kg, a battery pack (not included ammo and charger).

Recently, weapons researcher Ian McCollum, famous blogger Forgotten Weapons (a website focused on introducing and testing small arms) has had a detailed review of the GR-1 gun.

First, McCollum thinks that technically, the term “rifle” when referring to the GR-1 is somewhat confusing because a rifle is usually defined as a spiral groove inside the barrel but the GR-1 is a the tube is smooth, its barrel is smooth and free of twisting grooves.

Everyone scoffed at this toy until the barrel fired: Not a medium size?  - Photo 1.

The GR-1 is shaped like a toy gun.

This GR-1 uses power from the battery pack installed on the front of the gun. The company uses 3D printing technology to produce so many details are not sharp, making this gun even more like a fictional toy, far from any “brothers” in the weapons market.

The GR-1 uses built-in electric coils to generate a magnetic field, pushing metal bullets about 9mm in diameter out of the barrel. The bullet can reach a speed of 75m / s, each magazine can hold up to 10 such bullets.

McCollum has also added a built-in flashlight, laser aiming and a rear slide that allows for adjustment of the gun’s length, thereby changing the size and mounting different ammunition sizes.

However, people using pacemakers or attaching other sensitive medical equipment should stay away from this gun because the charge in the GR-1 has the potential to seriously affect the electronics inside. body at a distance of up to 15m.

Unlike traditional rifles, the GR-1 is surprisingly quiet when firing and almost inaudible even while charging.

The gun is capable of piercing wooden targets and McCollum said: “The GR-1 doesn’t offer the power of traditional guns, but it’s not a toy as people think it is. It is a weapon that can be used as a weapon. does serious damage and I think this gun is very interesting.”

Although there was much ridicule when the GR-1 first appeared last year, but according to McCollum’s assessment, at only $3,375, the upcoming GR-1 gun with many different improvements will is the main weapon for the army of the future.


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