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Exciting Vietnam off-road motorcycle race in 2022

The 2022 terrain sports motorcycle race has the first Championship scale in Vietnam with 5 races, taking place from April to December 2022, bringing together racers from all over the country to participate. In each race, based on the achievement position, each driver will have a cumulative score of each stage.

After 5 stages of competition, the driver with the highest score will be the champion of the whole season. The track is designed based on the natural terrain of 5 locations with majestic terrain in Vietnam, including: Moc Chau Plateau; Ha Giang stone plateau; Ninh Thuan desert; Yen Bai terraced fields and Hanoi capital.

Attending the first race in Van Ho district on April 10, there were nearly 120 athletes, including 20 foreign athletes, divided into 3 competition systems, including: Open (D1 – Capacity less than 150cc) ; semi-professional (D2 – From 120-190cc for 2-stroke and 150-250cc for 4-stroke) and professional (E – Greater than 200cc for 2-stroke and 250cc for 4-stroke). Athletes competed on a track with a total length of more than 10 km, with many terrains such as streambeds, slopes, obstacles, passes, etc., according to individual timing in qualifying and the general round. conclude.

Athlete Le Xuan Loc, from the Hanoi Motor Sports Club participating in the race today, said: “This time, I found the terrain to be quite good, with enough streams, slopes, rocks and other rocks. This is really a very interesting thing that the Organizing Committee has arranged for you to compete. Really, you are very excited to run in this terrain and it meets all. everything the test taker expects”.

In all three competition systems, the athletes demonstrated their motorcycling skills to overcome complex terrains; at the same time, showing respect for the opponent, helping each other to overcome difficult roads, leaving a deep impression on the audience who came to watch and cheer.

Ms. Nguyen Linh Chi, a tourist from Hanoi excitedly shared: “This is not the first time I participate in off-road motorcycle racing programs, but every time the tournament is organized, it is different. Because the terrain in each place has its own characteristics, as well as the different exams when the Organizing Committee arranges them, when I come here, I feel very excited, very wonderful, through the performance. of the athletes, I found the tournament to be organized very professionally, the athletes performed beautifully.”

At the end of the race, the Organizing Committee awarded first, second and third prizes to athletes with high achievements in 3 competition systems.

Also at the opening ceremony, the Organizing Committee awarded 60 scholarships to poor students overcoming difficulties and some stationery for students in Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho district, Son La province.

Some more pictures of the race:

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