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Facebook adds a feature to decide to “lose or lose” with TikTok-Information Technology

Saturday, April 9, 2022 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

To compete with TikTok, Facebook added the ability to share short videos from third-party apps to send content directly to the Facebook Reels account.

This new feature is added via the “Sharing to Reels” button, which is designed to be integrated into third-party apps.

When the feature is added to third-party apps, people can share and customize short videos using Reels’ editing tools. Facebook. For example, add sounds, text, effects, captions and stickers directly instead of having to upload a video and then push it to Facebook. This idea will help videos can be shared to Facebook faster and with less barriers.

Facebook adds a feature to decide to

Meta adds the ability to share videos from third-party apps directly to Facebook Reels. Photo: Meta

Facebook argues that third-party app developers should implement the new share button immediately so users can “create media messages” by sharing their app’s content on Facebook.

This will help promote the brand of other apps and increase the level of attention from the community. The button also reduces the number of clicks required to share and links the two apps together with a visual cue when it’s posted to Facebook.

“New tools that inspire Instagram creators to reach audiences on Facebook app. Sharing with Reels allows users to show off what they’re doing, feeling, and experiencing with their apps,” Facebook said in its offering to other app developers.

Facebook adds a feature to decide to

Share videos from third-party apps directly to Facebook Reels. Photo: Meta

Meta focuses on promoting Reels on both Facebook and Instagram to compete with the competition TikTok. Easier publishing of Reels videos to Facebook has important implications for Meta. It’s fueled Reels’ growth on both Facebook and Instagram in recent months.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg once told investors that video is becoming increasingly important to the platform, and it takes up nearly half of the time spent on Facebook. He emphasized that will drive more development efforts to support video creation and sharing for users.

Previously, in December 2021, Instagram head Adam Mosseri echoed these words and said that it will “double” video downloads by 2022 with a focus on Reels videos.

As Engadget reports, Meta has been heavily focused on increasing video on its platform. However, they haven’t really been successful in encouraging users to publish original content rather than just re-publishing TikTok clips. Also as reported by Engadget – both Facebook and Instagram platforms are filled with “recycled” content from TikTok.

To make matters worse, a new report from the financial journal Financial Times has found that creators are now making less money on Reels as payouts drop by up to 70% and the viewing threshold to get paid. 10 times higher than before, which can frustrate Reels users compared to TikTok.

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