Favors for concubines in ancient times, allowing to escape disaster

A concubine is just a purchased commodity and has no status. Like servants, they can be beaten, traded, and transferred.

Many people now say that men in the past had three wives and four concubines. In fact, this was a big mistake because monogamy was practiced in China ancient. “Three wives and four concubines” is just a joke of a king of Qi during the Spring and Autumn period.

Although there was only one wife, it was very common in ancient times to rely on power and wealth to recruit concubines.

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How low is the status of the former concubine? (Illustration)

The emperors of ancient China had harems with countless beautiful women. The rich also depend on power and money to bring in concubines, making it difficult for ordinary people to even find wives because of their poor families.

Along with the ancient thought of respecting men and disrespecting women, women could only accept the role of concubines to maintain their lives.

Although the status of concubines in the old days was very low, they had a “privilege” that even wives would envy. You may not believe it but it is true.

When someone commits a serious crime and is “retired from the nine clans”, the concubine can avoid death. They were forced to do hard labor and put into slavery as punishment.

This is also the “advantage” of the concubine’s low status. At least he won’t die. So why did they avoid being killed when “retirement of the nine clans”?

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Tru di is one of the famous forms of punishment in Chinese history, tru di is a form of mass execution, involving the offender and his or her related relatives for many generations.

Because the “nine clans” include relatives on the wife’s side, but concubines and concubines are not affected at all. Due to their low status, they are not even listed on the husband’s family tree. Because most of the concubines are poor girls, or the family is in debt.

They are very helpless and can only act as concubines to repay the family debt. The concubine is just a “machine” for the husband to vent his desires and give birth to children.

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Most of the concubines that are bought have to work very hard, when it’s time to eat, they can’t eat the same tray with “husband”, only eat leftovers. In fact, concubines are only slightly taller than servants, husbands can freely scold them.

In general, the status of concubines in ancient times was very low. Not only do they have no voice in the family, but they are also looked down upon by outsiders.

So why are so many people willing to be concubines? In fact, it was because the status of women in ancient times was too low. Even if they wanted to protest, it would be futile.

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