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French presidential election: The race is fierce

Nguyen My Linh (TV reporter in France)Sunday, April 10, 2022 11:41 GMT+7

Pictures of candidates in the 2022 French presidential election. Photo: VOV

It is a fact that Marine Le Pen’s supporters are usually over the age of 50 and according to the most recent poll 84% of French people who definitely vote again are in this age group. In contrast, only 72% of those under 50 think they will vote. Moreover, supporters of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen are certain that they will not change their minds. This means that if people under the age of 50 and supporters of Mr Macron’s party continue to think that being absent from the vote is not so important, it means they are unwittingly supporting the candidate. far-right party.

Jeremy Moutabai, a resident of Paris, said: “In the past, I didn’t go to the polls, this time I will.”

In the past three days alone, the number of supporters of Emanuel Macron, affected by the incident involving the consulting firm McKinsey, has dropped from 28% to 26% and conversely, the closest candidate is Marine Le Pen. and Melenchon has an upward trend.

In less than 24 hours, the results of the first round of the French presidential election will be announced. It can be said that this will be a thrilling race whose results are making the French unable to ignore and those who do not want France to become a country of the far right are forced to express their opinions. by ballot.

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