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How to help your smartphone cool down when it’s too hot?

Why does the phone get hot?

In most cases, smartphone batteries explode due to overheating or rising temperatures. High device temperature not only leads to exploding phone battery, but it can also cause other problems like battery drain, power failure or worse, CPU melt. All of these could potentially damage your phone permanently, or even cause serious injury.

Weather conditions will affect the temperature of your device to rise, so on summer days your phone is usually hotter than usual. If you are playing games, watching movies, or opening 5G networks, your phone may overheat.

In addition, on hot days, you often turn on the screen brightness to high to be able to see everything clearly, this also affects the phone’s temperature. Sometimes, using the camera for a long time can also cause your device to heat up significantly.

What to do if the phone overheats?

Avoid direct sunlight: The easiest and most obvious way to prevent your phone from heating up is to keep it out of direct sunlight or high temperature places and keep it in a cool place.

Use genuine or guaranteed original kit: Using a poor quality charger can cause your phone to overheat and damage the battery so always be sure to use a quality charger from a reputable source.

Avoid using a hardware damaged phone: Smartphones with hardware damage have a much higher chance of exploding when charging, so if your phone has hardware damage, don’t waste money, but take it to repair or replace with a new device to be safe.

Do not charge your phone for too long: Make sure you unplug the charger as soon as it is fully charged. Although many new phones come with technology automatically disconnects the power when it reaches 100%, but you should still be careful as some devices do not have this feature.

Turn off Location Services, Bluetooth: Turning off location reduces the load on your phone, and turning off location and Bluetooth lowers the temperature.

Reduce screen brightness: Similar to location services, reducing screen brightness also reduces load on battery and processor.

Remove unnecessary apps: Sometimes there are heavy applications running in the background without our knowledge, causing problems with overheating and draining the battery. It is better to filter and delete unused applications to save battery and avoid overheating.

Remove the back cover: Although a case protects the device in some cases it tends to insulate your device, which prevents the phone from dissipating heat. If you feel that using a case does more harm than good, you should throw it away or at least remove it until your phone cools down.

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