Husband had an affair, asked her to write a divorce application for her, making her angry

Going to work abroad, the husband dated a woman 16 years older than him, but the number of mistresses did not stop there!

Husband went to Germany to have an affair with a mistress nearly twice his age

Recently, a wife posted an article denouncing her husband adultery. More specifically, when looking at the beauty of the mistress, the wife also had to ask the question: “Is it true that when men cheat, their eyes will be temporarily blind?”

It is known that this husband is not only dating with 1 person, but he is with 3 different people at the same time. Among them was a 44-year-old girl, almost as old as his mother. Bo wrote the divorce papers for him to help him quickly leave the government to be with her.

Husband 28 had an affair with his 44-year-old girlfriend, asked his mistress to write a divorce petition-1
The article is posted.

The wife said that in the past, her husband was a person who loved, spoiled and cared for his wife. At first, the two were extremely happy when the husband did everything to take care of his wife to the point of making everyone jealous.

“On June 11, 2018, I accidentally read a message that you teased an older sister in Que Phong. I was very sad but still calmly asked you to have a snack to talk because I didn’t want my parents and Everyone knows about it, I accept to ignore it and not investigate.

On June 17, 2018, he stepped away from home (to Germany to do business), thinking that he was going to find a better future for his children. I’m both at home with a 1 year old baby and pregnant with the next baby. He worked hard alone, far from home, loved him a lot, encouraged him to try.

In August 2020, he went to Mrs. TT’s shop to work overtime. On August 28, he did it, but on September 24, he and she fell in love.” wife writes.

Husband 28 had an affair with his 44-year-old girlfriend, asked his mistress to file for divorce-2
Husband and mistress celebrate 1 year of love.

In September 2021, the husband celebrates a year of love with his mistress.

Since having a boyfriend, the husband no longer knows his wife and children, and lies all day in anger. The love between the two sides also faded.

“When I heard your news, I was so shocked, I drove to the hospital alone to buy the heaviest sleeping pills, thinking there was nothing left to lose. It is better to have 3 mothers and children no longer in the world than to suffer when my husband has a girlfriend who still has a girlfriend. vote with them too,” painful wife.

The wife went to Germany and discovered more fear of her husband

After 7 months of waiting, the wife went to Germany to find her husband. She still longs for the couple to heal, but no. But his betrayal caused her pain.

The wife came but the husband did not want to meet. The wife did not bring warm clothes, the husband even gave money to another person to give it to his wife, not wanting to meet him. When the two sides met at a place, the girl went with another friend’s sister, the husband called the sister out to give her things, but did not want to meet her.

“On February 2, 2022, I asked you to come out and talk, but you didn’t come out and told me to hurry back. The couple behaved like strangers at that time. He said he didn’t want to continue with me anymore and wanted to stay with the other woman and Since then, he hasn’t been in contact.

A few days ago, he recorded saying that he was tired, and both should divorce so that he could take care of his life. The story about who you dated is the most painful, the most painful that I still blame you and your mother tells that story for people to know. Does anyone have a shirt to show the viewer’s back to look bad? What do you think to say that?” painfully expressed wife.

Husband 28 had an affair with his 44-year-old girlfriend, asked his mistress to file for divorce-3
The husband is bored because his wife is looking for him.

It is known that while his wife was at home, in Germany the husband was living with a girlfriend’s house. In addition, he also met another sister and at the same time texted a person in the countryside, calling her husband and wife. At one time, this husband had sex with 3 different people besides his wife.

Up to now, the wife can’t stand it anymore because of her husband challenge, insulting the family outside. The wife raised the child alone for 4 years without complaining, but the husband did not want to live in peace.

The wife continued: “This year he is 28 years old, paired with a 44-year-old woman who is almost the same age as his mother, but he still proudly posts his profile picture, takes him out to eat and introduces his wife. On February 2, 2022, he called his grandmother. told me to forbid you to call me back. What right do you have to forbid me from seeing my child. My child has been carrying a heavy burden of pain and has been taken care of since birth.”

Attached to the shared lines is the evidence that the wife has. The husband addressed the couple to his mistress and said that he felt sad when his real wife came here to find him.

“He’s here or not, husband doesn’t care. Husband still loves his wife, it’s not difficult, wife. His wife is broken, I know his wife is very sad to hear about it’s passing.”, the husband said. Reading this far, one cannot understand who is the official wife.

Husband 28 had an affair with his 44-year-old girlfriend, asked his mistress to file for divorce-4
Bo wrote a divorce petition for his mistress to leave his wife.

“Husband loves his wife more than his children N. (official wife). Husband now has no brain to work anymore, wife, husband now wants to go home and hug his wife and tell her to understand more”.

The husband also asked his girlfriend to write the divorce papers for him so that he could type and send it to his wife. This is clearly a story that makes people “stop talking”.

Husband 28 had an affair with his 44-year-old girlfriend, asked his mistress to file for divorce-5
Another husband’s mistress.

In another message, the husband chatted with his second girlfriend. And the message with the 3rd boyfriend was also found.

Many netizens are fed up with the above story. Everyone hopes the wife is calm to handle everything smoothly and satisfied.

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