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“If you were to compare yourself to an animal, which one would it be?”

Microsoft is widely known as the world’s leading software manufacturer, headquartered in the United States. Today, Microsoft products are used by 90% of personal computers worldwide. With such growth, the group has branches in more than 90 countries, creating jobs for many workers.

As the most powerful multinational corporation in the world, Microsoft employs extremely strict personnel. In addition to the educational requirements, the corporation also organizes interviews to evaluate candidates through skills: communication, presentation, situational handling, problem solving, creativity,…

When interviewing, the Microsoft recruitment board often comes up with tough questions that surprise many people. At first glance, it seems that the question is not related to the job, but if you think carefully, you will see the ingenuity of this multinational corporation. What they want is to find the right candidate for the company in terms of academics, soft skills and personality.

Microsoft used to have a super interesting question for candidates. The question has the following content: “If you were to compare yourself to an animal, which one would it be?”

Recruitment Question:

Microsoft Corporation recruits personnel extremely rigorously. (Illustrated image)

This difficult question used to make many candidates “sweat”, embarrassed to give an answer. For such candidates, they will be immediately disqualified because Microsoft assesses them as unconfident, slow thinking, poor handling of situations.

Actually, this question is not too difficult, as long as you link your personality to the job position, there will be a good answer. The recruitment board was very pleased with a candidate choosing an eagle.

The candidate gave excellent answers as follows: “If the lion is the king of the jungle, the shark is the killer of the sea, then the eagle has long been known as the lord of the sky. The eagle never gives up. Its life is fighting. When it encounters a storm, it crosses its body through the storm, hovering in the sky. When nesting, it chooses dry, thorny branches rather than rotten leaves and soft moss. That shows its strong personality and bravery. extraordinary.

I think that humans also need to exercise their will like eagles. In work as well as in life, live boldly, be strong, dare to face challenges. Never give up on your goal, get up after a fall like an eagle overcomes a storm. Each of us only has one life to live, let’s live with dreams, ambitions and iron will to pursue to the end.

Recruitment Question:

Before a tough question, the candidate should calm down to get a score answer. (Illustrated image)

With a clear, clear answer, the candidate is highly appreciated by the recruitment council and accepted to work. They think that this is the right person for the job position, has the ability to withstand high pressure.

And you, when faced with this difficult question, how will you give the answer to score points in the eyes of the employer? tra-loi-xuat-sac-sep-gat-gu-khen-2022041009204789.chn

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