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Investors fled, VN-Index ‘evaporated’ more than 20 points

After yesterday’s correction, stock market recorded a struggle when opening this morning (April 8). VN-Index recorded in green at the beginning of the ATO session.

At 9:50 am, VN-Index increased by 5.01 points (0.33%) to 1,507.36 points. However, in the middle of the morning session, the market lost its green color due to large-scale selling pressure. Red color almost covered the whole market with the strongest supply coming from banking stocks.

At 11 am, VN-Index decreased by 6.36 points (0.42%) to 1,495.99 points. At the end of the morning session, the market situation became more negative with strong selling pressure in the whole market. Pausing in the morning session, VN-Index dropped 8.82 points (0.59%) to 1,493.53 points.

Investors fled, VN-Index

VN-Index “evaporated” more than 20 points in the last session of the week. (Screenshots)

In the afternoon session, the market shook strongly when at one point VN-Index fell from 1,490 points. At 13:55, VN-Index decreased by 5.12 points (0.34%) to 1,497.23 points. VN30-Index fell 2.75 points (0.18%) to 1,529.21 points.

At the end of the week, VN-Index dropped 20.35 points (1.35%) to 1,482 points. The whole HoSE had 370 losers, 92 gainers and 38 standstill stocks. Previously, in the first quarter of 2022, the VN-Index surpassed the 1,500 point mark 6 times, but each time it passed, it soon lost this mark. In the first trading session of the second quarter, VN-Index surpassed the 1,500 point mark and now it has lost this mark.

Bank shares all dropped. On HoSE, except ACB increased and VCB stood at the reference price, all remaining stocks decreased, of which BID lost 2.67% of its value…

Group of stocks real estate Small-caps all dropped like SCR down 3.5%, DXG down 3.61%, TCH down 4.04%…

On the floor of Hanoi, HNX-Index down 9.59 points (2.17%) to 432.02 points. The whole floor had 178 losers, 58 gainers and 48 standstill stocks. UPCoM-Index fell 1.97 points (1.7%) to 113.84 points.

Market liquidity decreased sharply compared to the previous session, the total transaction value reached nearly 28,000 billion dong. Foreign investors net sold more than 300 billion dong on HoSE.

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