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Is Kristen Stewart going to the red carpet just to wait for this moment

If we were born with beautiful legs like Kristen Stewart, our wardrobe would be full of mini skirts, shorts and high heels to show off anytime, anywhere, right? But it’s because we don’t have it that we wish that, but like Kristen, she doesn’t think so. Actress Spencer is not interested in high heels. Many times, the audience saw her posing for photos on the red carpet one minute, still wearing high heels, but the next minute she changed to flat shoes, or even barefoot.

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At the new Oscars ceremony yesterday, Kristen Stewart wore shorts and high heels, blending both personality and femininity. After completing the photo session in the main area, she changed into Chanel loafers and also wore white turtleneck socks for comfort.

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In the past, Kristen ditched high heels for flats or went barefoot many times. Most famously, at the red carpet of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, to protest against the rule that female artists are required to wear high heels when coming here, Kristen did not hesitate to take off her shoes right on the red carpet and expressed her displeasure.

Sneakers or barefoot don’t matter, as long as Kristen doesn’t have to wear heels all day

It was her longtime stylist who also shared that she had to beg the actress to say all she could to wear high heels for a few minutes every time she went to an event.

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You are the one waiting for this moment!

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