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It’s not Trieu Van, but Vuong Binh who is promoted over the level in Shu Han

Vuong Binh Tu Tu Quan, was a general of the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history, serving the two factions Cao Wei and respectively Shu Han. Since serving Shu Han, he has been a devoted general who has made many merits.

Not Trieu Van, this is the person who promoted over the level in Thuc Han - Photo 1.

Vuong Binh initially followed Cao Wei and then joined Liu Bei.

In Luo Guanzhong’s novel Three Kingdoms Interpretation, Vuong Binh is described quite close to history books. He appeared from 71 to 105. Wang Ping’s role in the Hanzhong campaign was much more prominent. Due to disagreement with Tu Hoang (Cao Wei’s general), Wang Ping set fire to destroy the barracks and surrendered to Liu Bei’s army.

One of the other highlights that reminds people of Vuong Binh is the Battle of Nhai Dinh. Three years after the perfect victory in the South Central campaign, suppressing the seeds of rebellion in the South and winning the hearts of the ethnic minorities here, Zhuge Liang officially launched the Northern Punishment campaign, leading the Han army. Thuc attacked Wei for the first time in 228. Wei Ming Emperor Cao Tuan sent Sima Yi and Truong Cap to bring troops to the enemy.

When the Thuc army advanced to attack Trung Nguyen, the issue of provisions was crucial. Most of the food for Zhuge Liang’s army was transported from Xichuan through Hanzhong to the Trung Nguyen. One of the key points on this shipping route is Nhai Dinh.

Yating is located about halfway between the Wei River and the Moxi Mountain, in what is now the northeast of Tianshui County, Gansu, and is the lifeline to go from Shaanxi and Lung You. Of course, both Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang understood the key strategic role of Nhai Dinh.

On the Wei side, Sima Y ordered General Truong Cap to lead 50,000 cavalry and infantry around to the West to quickly advance to Nhai Dinh, first to block the main road of the Shu army, then to regroup to retake the Lung Huu area.

To oppose the famous general Truong Cap, everyone thinks that the strong generals Wei Dien or Ngo Y who have experience in battle should be used, but Zhuge Liang chooses Ma Toc (translated as Ma Tac) as the main general. , Vuong Binh as a deputy general led the army to urgently defend Nhai Dinh.

Ma Toc and Vuong Binh arrived at Nhai Dinh just as Wei general Truong Cap led his troops. Ma Toc abandoned the river, guarding in the mountains. Vuong Binh repeatedly protested, but Ma Toc did not listen. In the end, Vuong Binh had to ask Ma Toc to send 1,000 horsemen to camp at the foot of the mountain (in the movie Three Kingdoms, it means 5000 horses in 2010).

Not Trieu Van, this is the person who promoted over the level in Thuc Han - Photo 3.

Ma Toc did not listen to Vuong Binh, causing Nhai Dinh to fall.

Truong Ha, under the direction of Sima Yi, brought his troops to surround Ma Toc’s camp on the mountain, and then cut off the water line. The Shu army lacked water and panicked. Truong Cap focused his attack on breaking Ma Toc. Ma Toc’s army fled scattered, only 1,000 men and horses of Vuong Binh still managed to hold the barracks.

Seeing that Ma Toc was defeated, Vuong Binh commanded his army to fight, entrenched and did not withdraw. Truong Cap suspected that the Han army had ambushed, so he did not dare to advance. Vuong Binh Nhan had time to reorganize his team, collect Ma Toc’s soldiers who had fled, and then calmly withdrew.

Because of the loss of Nhai Dinh, Zhuge Liang had to withdraw all his troops to the land of Thuc. Ma Toc was sentenced to death, and Hoang Xi was deprived of his military power. Particularly, Vuong Binh was rewarded, promoted to join the army, commanded 5 troops and held the position of Chief of Staff, Thao Khau General and was ordained a Dinh Marquis. This is a special promotion beyond the current level and is supported by the generals.

Not Trieu Van, this is the person who promoted over the level in Thuc Han - Photo 4.

Vuong Binh was promoted especially after the battle of Nhai Dinh.

According to historical records, after Zhuge Liang’s death, Vuong Binh was promoted to the position of General Hau Dian, then General An Han, supported General Wu Yi to defend Han Trung, and concurrently held the position of Prince of Han Trung.

In 237, Vuong Binh was appointed Marquis of An Han, the governor of Han Trung instead of Ngo Y.

In 238, General Jiang Wan was stationed in Mianyang. Vuong Binh was promoted to the position of Former General, handling the work in the General’s Palace.

In 243, Jiang Yuan became seriously ill, led his army to Xuan Pei, appointed Wang Ping as the great general of the North, ruling over Han Zhong.

In 248, Wang Ping died. It is not clear how old he was then. His son is his successor.

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