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Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double


    Liverpool There is a very good short ball combination on the part of Man City. Salah trimmed the ball like it was for Jota, but the Portuguese striker could not beat Ederson with a close-range shot.


    Salah made a pass that tore through the Man City defense. Mane dropped down, put his technical lap in the far corner and knocked Ederson down.



    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 1

    The situation where Jesus cushioned the ball raised the score to 2-1.


    From De Bruyne’s indirect free-kick, Laporte moved away from the Liverpool defender and then shot the ball across the Liverpool goal. Man City is focusing on carving Alexander-Arnold’s wing on the away team.


    After the ball bounced off Liverpool’s defense, Cancelo made a classy long cross to let Jesus cross. The Brazilian striker beat goalkeeper Alisson with a ball that bounced off the bar and went into the net of Liverpool, giving Man City a 2-1 lead.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 2


    Cancelo went to the ball to cut Liverpool’s defense and then shot the ball from afar to put the ball into a dangerous corner, but the ball had not yet entered Alisson’s goal.

    Man City are in complete control of the game. Coach Pep Guardiola’s team created many opportunities, but only 1 goal was scored by De Bruyne.


    Cancelo had a soft ball on the left wing, dribbling past the Liverpool defender and then passing it to De Bruyne. Man City’s conductor fooled goalkeeper Alisson with a shot into the near corner, but the ball narrowly missed the post.

  • The psychological advantage is in favor of Liverpool after the equalizer. Coach Klopp’s team just had a dangerous counter-attack, but Alexander-Arnold missed it with a shot from a distance to try his luck.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 3

    Coach Klopp is urging to learn the game of pressing continuously.


    De Bruyne eliminated the Liverpool defense with a suspension from the free-kick. Midfielder Rodri made a wall for the Stones to hit the target, but the ball did not hit the target.


    Ederson had a clumsy handling in front of goal that almost cost Man City a goal. Jota was rolling and almost touching the ball.


    Sterling caught the ball in the penalty area, but still made a wall for Jesus to finish the second line. The ball goes straight to the position Alisson has chosen by goalkeeper.


    Robertson hung the ball just right for Alexander-Arnold at the bottom of the line, before the English defender stretched across as if to order Jota to finish close, bringing the game back to the starting line.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 4



    Van Dijk and Alisson did not coordinate well in defensive situations when covering the gap, almost letting Jesus pass. Man City are putting good pressure on the right wing with Jesus and Silva playing aggressively.


    De Bruyne ran the ball straight into the Liverpool defense and then shot a left footed shot. The ball hit Matip’s foot and changed direction and went straight into the net in the surprise of goalkeeper Alisson.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 5
    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 6


    Man City has an attack on the left wing of Liverpool. Jesus moved smartly and stretched to clear the deck, but Sterling could not beat Alisson in the face-to-face phase.

  • Liverpool are pushing high to put pressure on the Man City field, while Pep Guardiola’s students slowly deploy the ball at home to stretch the opponent’s squad.


  • The Liverpool stars warm up before the ball rolls.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 7
    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 8

  • Liverpool’s starting line-up

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 9

  • Man City starting line-up

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 10

  • Man City and Liverpool each created one of the most attractive championship competition in history in the 2018/2019 season when chasing each other to the final round. The blue half of Manchester was crowned with 98 points, just 1 point better than Liverpool (97 points).

    This season, the drama of the competition between Man City and Liverpool is being recreated when coach Pep Guardiola’s team topped the table with 73 points, and Liverpool ranked after only 1 point.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 11

    Man City (blue shirt) and Liverpool win every point in the championship race

    At one time, Man City was alone on the championship track with 14 victories in 15 matches between November 2021 and February 2022. Phil Foden and his teammates made a breakthrough at the Christmas and New Year period, which is the most fierce and tense in the Premier League.

    However, when the schedule began to ease, Man City fell again. 2 previous draws Southampton and Crystal Palace, together with a stunning 2-3 defeats before Tottenham causing Pep Guardiola’s team to drop 7 points. At the same time, Liverpool exploded with 10 consecutive victories to narrow the gap from 8 points to 1 point.

    Liverpool is entering the great war with Man City with high confidence. Although Man City has the home field advantage, it is Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students who have hit the mark when they won continuously in the Premier League. In the last 10 matches, Liverpool won all 30 points and conceded only 2 goals.

    Klopp’s team no longer plays rushing, pressing continuously “eating” the opponent, but playing just enough to win. Thanks to the physical calculation and reasonable drop point, Liverpool is rising right at the most important stage.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 12

    Salah (red shirt) is still Liverpool’s inspiration

    Entering the great battle at 22:30 tonight, Liverpool only had Fabinho left open the possibility of playing, while Man City lost “rock” Ruben Dias by injury. The pressure will be on the John Stones – Aymeric Lapore duo of Man City, in the context of Liverpool’s attack always creating diverse and fast hits.

    The high form of Luis Diaz (2 goals, 1 assist in the last 4 matches) and the danger of the duo Sadio Mane – Mohamed Salah are the inspiration of Liverpool at this time.

    In addition, Liverpool can fully focus on the great battle with Man City because Klopp’s teachers and students won Benfica 3-1 away in the Champions League, leading to no pressure in the second leg.

    Meanwhile, Man City only won Atlético Madrid 1-0 in the first leg and the second leg is potentially dangerous at the Wanda Metropolitano, so forces must be calculated to stabilize in both arenas.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 13

    De Bruyne helps Man City make a difference?

    Man City kicked at the Etihad with the support of home fans, but sometimes it was a “double-edged sword”, putting Guardiola’s teachers and students under pressure if the match went in an unfavorable direction.

    Man City can play more fluently, but Liverpool is a team of moments. In the first leg, two moments of Salah’s genius helped Liverpool regain 1 point, in the match Man City was the better team.

    This scenario can be repeated in the second leg if Man City cannot limit mistakes, or is absorbed in raising the team to find a goal. Liverpool can win 3 points at Etihad to spark the overthrow of the opponent’s throne.

  • Live football Man City vs Liverpool

    Force situation

    Man City: Ruben Dias, Cole Palmer could not play due to injury, Benjamin Mendy was suspended internally.

    Liverpool: Fabinho left open the possibility of playing.

    Probable teams

    Man City: Ederson; Cancelo, Laporte, Stones, Walker; Gundogan, Rodri, De Bruyne; Grealish, Foden, Sterling.

    Liverpool: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson; Keita, Fabinho, Thiago; Salah, Mane, Diaz.

    Live football Man City 2-2 Liverpool: Attractive double - 14

    Man City need at least 1 point to stay at the top of the table.

    Impressive numbers (within the English Premier League)

    – Liverpool have won the last 10 matches.

    – Liverpool won in both the first half and the whole match in the last 8/10 matches.

    Liverpool kept a clean sheet in the last 5 matches.

    – Man City won the last 8/9 matches at home.

    – Man City kept a clean sheet in the last 5/7 matches.

    – Man City scored at least 2 goals in the last 5/6 home matches.

    – Liverpool scored at least 2 goals in the last 5/6 matches.

    Forecast: Liverpool won 2-1

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