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Macron’s approval rating is only slightly higher than that of his rival Marine Le Pen

Le Hong Quang (TV reporter from Europe)Sunday, April 10, 2022 20:00 GMT+7

Today, French voters go vote presidential election. Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron is also running this time, along with 11 other candidates. The two candidates who won the most votes in today’s election round will advance to the next round, which will take place exactly two weeks later.

Voting stations in an elementary school open from 8 am, but until 10 am still few people come to vote. The unusually cold weather in early spring probably made many people afraid to get up early, in mid-April, Paris was still 2 degrees cold, even though it was sunny.

Mr. Marc Warnod – Deputy Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine Paris district said: “Voters turn out to vote not continuously. There is usually a wave in the early morning, then there will be another crowd at noon, and then at the end of the day. sometimes it’s crowded, sometimes it’s absent.”

12 candidates for a Presidential seat confuse many voters, with so many options that it is difficult to choose. The drama of this election round is the position of the outgoing President. Since a month now, Mr. Emmanuel Macron has been considered the best candidate, but as the election day approaches, his approval rating declines and is now only slightly better than the extreme candidate. Owner Marine Le Pen.

Mr. Olivier Auvray – French voter said: “I have 4 children, so I vote for the candidate who cares more about education, public debt and immigration”.

Never before has there been a French presidential election with such a high proportion of voters undecided: two days before the election, almost half of the respondents were still hesitant about who to vote for. The number of people not interested in voting is also forecast to be very high, 10 French voters may have up to 3 not to vote today.

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