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Midkid anti-cavity spray protects the smiles of millions of babies

The first teeth to appear in children are baby teeth and are formed from 1-3 years old. Although they do not yet support children to be able to chew on things that are too hard, they help children talk easily, pronounce correctly, do not stutter, and form face shapes. After the age of 5 years, the process of replacing baby teeth takes place and becomes permanent teeth.

Despite receiving such early warning, many parents cannot find a perfect solution to prevent their children from having dental problems.

It is possible to review the mistakes that parents often make such as: leaving children to brush their teeth alone, using sweets a lot, not having regular dental check-ups.

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Impacts on baby teeth.

Another thing that parents often overlook when taking care of their baby is choosing the right product for their child. Because of unpleasant or unpleasant reactions, the baby quickly “hates” oral hygiene. Moreover, the fluoride content is too high in some products if swallowed by children, it will also affect health after that.

Midkid anti-cavity spray protects the smiles of millions of babies - 2

Bacteria attack causes tooth decay and pain in children.

Midkid anti-cavity spray accompanies Vietnamese children

With a clear vision to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of distributing high quality food products for a healthier life, MID Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company invests in building a system distributed with a team of professional, capable and experienced staff.

Taking care of and improving the health of children is also a constant thought of the company’s leadership. Midkid products are manufactured by Pharmaceutical Company and distributed exclusively by MID. The breakthrough came from the acceptance of Japanese dental technology transfer, the application of Ovopron DC antibody extracted from chicken egg yolk, which helps to remove plaque, balance and create a safe environment in the oral cavity. thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay, tooth decay and gingivitis that occurs with children’s immature baby teeth.

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Midkid anti-cavity spray and identification packaging.

Midkid anti-cavity spray has the effect of preventing oral diseases for children, achieving 3 criteria including: reducing the amount of bacteria, reducing plaque and providing more fluoride for stronger teeth.

The product also scores points in the eyes of parents because of its compact and convenient form, the spray form will help spread evenly over the entire tooth surface, safe to swallow and give children fresh breath every day.

Feeling very good about the product, Ms. Phan Kieu Trang shared: “I researched a lot of toothpaste lines and didn’t let my baby use some because the fluoride content was too high. When I heard about Midkid products and studied the ingredients, I was very surprised because this content in the product only accounts for ⅕ of the limit that the human body can tolerate.

Since then, every time after the baby eats and before going to bed, I can rest assured that my child can use it in combination with organic toothpaste. Going to the dentist, the doctor also praised my baby’s teeth for healthy, bright white“.

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Certificate of safety, high quality of Midkid anti-cavity spray.

During the past 1 year, in order to spread products to Vietnamese children, MID Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company participated in a cross-Vietnam campaign, along with doctors and nurses from many facilities and health centers to propagate to parents and children. little baby.

Accompanying and responding to the program “World Oral Health Day” are practical actions that the company gives beautiful smiles to children across the S-shaped land.

Upholding the good core values ​​of “Creativity, Trust, Dedication, Responsibility, Quality”, MID Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company hopes to contribute and distribute products that are committed to quality. safety for a healthier life.

Contact information for MID Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company:

Hotline: 0968.200,989 VND

Email: [email protected]


Address: No. 803B Huyen Ky, group 8, Phu Lam ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi

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