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My boyfriend’s mother doesn’t agree to the marriage because I’m too rich

I was born into a privileged family. Graduate After that, I went back to work for the family company with the position of head of marketing department. Here, I met and got to know Trung – an energetic employee with a personality that suits me.

After working together for a while, Trung and I started to develop feelings. My parents also know about this relationship. However, grandparents still support and nurture us a lot. For my parents, just after marriagewe will go back to live with grandparents.

After getting to know each other long enough, my lover and I decided to get married. That day, Trung arranged a meeting. That meeting included me, Trung and his mother. At first, the atmosphere was quite pleasant. Knowing that I had my own house, my aunt also praised me for being resourceful and good at saving. After talking for a while, he got up to go to the toilet. Unexpectedly, when he stood up, he accidentally spilled the coffee cup on the table into the bag that I brought.

I said nothing, but the lover frantically took a tissue to wipe, constantly blaming:

“Oh my god, did you know that this bag now has to be sold for 800 million? Now how to clean it?”.

Afraid of mishearing, the auntie even asked me the value of my bag. Then after that, he suddenly changed his attitude and said we shouldn’t decide yet marriage story hurry.

That night when I asked, Trung said that my mother really liked my personality. Only my family is rich, my parents want to live with their daughter and son-in-law after marriage. If your family agrees, it’s like selling your son. Now, if I knew that the Trung family showed such an attitude, my parents would definitely oppose it to the end. Honestly, I’ve never been in a situation like this in my life. Should I try to get both sides of my family to cooperate with Trung in love?

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