Not vibranium or adamantium, this is the strongest metal in the Marvel universe

Over the years, the Marvel fan community has often erupted into heated arguments about which metal is the hardest, strongest, and most unbreakable. The two strongest candidates are still Vibranium and Adamantium. However, this debate has long since become meaningless, because whether Vibranium or Adamantium is “no door” with Dargonite – the metal that has appeared in the comic book version and most likely the movie. .

Feeling bewildered because you are a die-hard Marvel and MCU fan but have never heard of this name? Don’t worry, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, because Dargonite isn’t really that common in these fantasy universes. However, the fact that it is stronger than Adamantium has been proven a long time ago.

What is Dargonite?

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Dargonite is a futuristic alloy, named after Dargo Ktor, or Thor of reality Earth-8710 (corresponding to Earth-616 in the 26th century). In the original, Vance Astro/Major Victory, was once shot by a bullet made of this metal that pierced his Adamantium armor. This is the clearest evidence that the bone composition of Wolverine, known as the hardest material on Earth, also had to give up to Dargonite.

Even so, humans hold very little information regarding Dargonite. Because it is named after the god Thor from another universe, it is likely that this alloy contains the metal Uru, the substance found in the core of a dying star, once used to create many Marvel’s most powerful weapon, including Mjolnir hammer and Stormbreaker ax. However, the remaining ingredients that help make up Dargonite are still an unsolved mystery.

There have also been theories that Dargonite contains Adamantium or Vibranium, or both, thereby becoming the strongest alloy not only on Earth, but also in the entire universe. It is also one of the few things that can penetrate the so-called unbreakable metals.

Did Thanos Discover The Existence Of Dargonite In The MCU?

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Up to now, Vibranium is still considered the strongest metal of the Marvel cinematic universe. However, it is possible that Dargonite has also appeared in this universe that must be very observant, we can recognize it.

In Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Ending, Thanos and his Black Order team easily penetrated and even destroyed items made of Vibranium. For example, when Corvus Glaive pierces Vision’s body during the opening sequence of Infinity War. In that moment, the audience is probably busy with fear, suspense, mixed with anger, forgetting that Vision is made of Vibranium.

You may think that the thing that pierced Vibranium could also be made of Vibranium, but there is no guarantee that it is Dargonite. However, remember the scene in the movie Shuri tries to separate the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead. His tools, also made of this metal, were able to separate Vision’s body, but were unable to move the infinity stone embedded in Vision’s forehead. On the other hand, Thanos can easily get the Mind Stone because then, he already has the remaining 5 stones and is no longer bound by the usual rules.

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Thanos once slashed Captain America’s Vibranium shield without the help of the infinity stone.

One of the most important characteristics of Vibranium is that it can absorb impact. Therefore, Corvus could not tear Vision’s skin, let alone pierce such a solid block of Vibranium. Unless, he uses an even stronger, more powerful metal – like Dargonite.

Next, in Avengers: Endgame, in the final battle, Thanos was able to smash Captain America’s Vibranium shield without the help of any infinity stones. This is impossible, unless his greatsword is also forged from Dargonite alloy, or some other similar material. This is also not difficult to understand when Thanos used to travel around the galaxy. He could have discovered more precious, stronger alloys and forged himself the ultimate weapon.

The Future of Dargonite in the MCU

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If Dargonite really exists in the MCU, it is not excluded that it can also be used to create weapons similar to those in the original comics. Currently, Thor is using the ax Stormbreaker, so it is likely that the new hammer Mjolnir (if it is indeed re-forged) will be for Jane Foster – who is expected to inherit the role of the Thunder God guy in the MCU later. Thor: Love and Thunder blockbuster. With the MCU increasingly expanding, with many superheroes with cosmic powers, a magic hammer made of Dargonite is probably not too luxurious or fictional.

However, bringing Dargonite into the MCU is also a risky double-edged sword. Judging from the case of Thanos we will see, if this metal falls into the hands of a super villain or super villain, it will really be a nightmare for the Avengers. Currently, a lot of superheroes are still relying on Vibranium every time they go to battle. They will need to be upgraded, “upgraded” more if faced with weapons made from Dargonite in the future.

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