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Office worker with a monthly salary of 18 million, how do you buy a house?

Office worker salary 18 million/month, how to buy a house?

Office workers with a monthly salary of 18 million can fully realize their dream of buying a house. But you must be thinking that what I say is very untrue, right? Because the monthly salary is 18 million, but buying a house in a big city is still very difficult.

Of course you are right. But try the following method, even if it really fails, you will only waste 10 precious minutes, right?

Step 1 of Buying a Home: Make a Plan

First, make sure to create a detailed home buying plan. Buying a home isn’t something you can’t do, it’s how you do it. Without a plan, it can only be delayed indefinitely until completely abandoned.

The second step when buying a home: Positioning

Next, estimate the total price and area of ​​​​the house. Throw away all your fantasies about the house and just consider how big it needs to be for you.

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Step 3: Get Started

Now that you know how big a house you want to have, next, you need to figure out how much down payment and monthly payments you’ll need to make. If possible, borrow from relatives and friends to reduce the pressure of the bank.

Step 4: Cut down on spending

The first point is minimalist consumption, buy only what you really need and achieve the true “zero waste” concept. The second point is to think carefully before buying something.

However, homebuyers must have a long-term plan for this, avoiding hasty and hasty decisions.

How to choose the most cost-effective house?

When buying a house, buyers are often more interested in factors such as whether the house is in a prime location, is transportation convenient, is the house close to their children’s school, etc. are “external” factors that determine the value of the house.

When these conditions are exactly the same and the quality of the house is good or bad, it is still possible for two houses in the same place to be sold for a large difference in price.

So how to choose the most cost-effective house? Here, you need to understand 4 core evaluation criteria to choose a house type:

The first point is that the house has a square shape

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In the process of viewing the house, you will see all kinds of strange houses, triangles, guns, knife handles… Believe me, whether from the perspective of personal living or investment, these types of houses are the same. not square. The house is more secure.

The house receives good light

A house with good natural light will prevail over many murky, dark and secretive houses.

The third point is that the direction of the house must be reasonable

The direction of the house is the direction of the front door, i.e. counting at the doors and windows. When buying a house, you should choose a house facing the South, warm in winter, cool in summer.

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Of course, the last point is the layout of the indoor spaces

The first is the family’s daily routine, whether it is convenient to go from the master bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen. The second is the schedule of activities when guests visit, so as to ensure the privacy of family members. Finally, the washing, drying and cleaning of the kitchen and clothes is reasonable or not.

How to find the right time to buy a home?

When it comes to buying a house, many people will surely make a mistake 3 misunderstandings later, only to miss out on good houses in turn. The first misunderstanding is Think you can’t pay off your home loan if you take a bank loan.

But if you keep waiting time and time again, you’ll just wait for home prices to go up and end up being a homebuyer. So, the key to buying a home is stability and accuracy. Within your financial tolerance, be determined to get a bank loan to buy a good house when house prices are relatively low.

The second misunderstanding is waiting for house prices to fall. Many people say that they want to wait until the time to regulate house prices to buy cheaper, but the real estate market is only affordable, not cooling down. So don’t wait for house prices to drop.

The final misunderstanding is waiting for a reason to buy a home. Especially for many young people who have just graduated from school, the rise and fall of housing prices has little to do with it. However, when you are planning to get married, you will want to buy a house. Now the price has gone up a lot.

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Therefore, it is better to buy early than to buy late

When is the perfect time to buy a home? The answer is now, if you thought you could. In other words, you’d better start paying attention to housing price trends then set aside one day a week to look at properties in your favorite location and put “buying a home” into your planning as soon as possible. body.

So, once again, buy a house as soon as possible.

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