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Planning of the Red River at the scale of 1/5000: Arousing the value of the beach land

This project is expected to be a new breath of life, arousing the economic, cultural and tourism values ​​​​of the vast land that has been forgotten for many years.

Create green space

Coastal alluvial land Hong river is calculated from the section from Hong Ha bridge to Me So bridge running through 13 districts of Hanoi with an area of ​​​​about 5,000 hectares. This is a huge land fund for Hanoi but has not been exploited for many years.

Along the two banks of the Red River passing through Hanoi are the banks of reed grass and vegetable areas. In sections near residential areas, the alluvial soil of the Red River is quite polluted. In many alluvial lands of the Red River in the districts of Tay Ho, Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem and Long Bien, Gia Lam appeared piles of construction materials and garbage formed from theft over the years.

Planning the Red River at the scale of 1/5000: Arousing the value of the land - Photo 1.

The planning project of the Red River urban subdivision, scale 1/5000, orients that the green space on both sides of the Red River will be open spaces, creating a space for cultural exchange, entertainment and relaxation for people. (Photo: VNA)

Along with that, next to these areas are poor hamlets or living quarters of self-employed people outside the province, making a living in the Long Bien market area and surrounding areas. The lives of many people here make temporary living in floating houses, spontaneous self-assembled houses, encroaching on the water surface of the Red River beach area. However, there are also many families who have been granted land by the local government on the banks of the Red River to live for many years and generations.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, head of the residential group No. 1, Phuc Xa ward (Ba Dinh), said that when the city announced the planning of the Red River urban subdivision, people here were half happy and half worried. Some want to have the government renovate the riverside land into a tourist, cultural and community park. But there are also many people in Group 1 who expressed their thoughts that they will have to move to another place if the government takes the land for construction.

“The common spirit is that we people fully support the city’s policy on planning the Red River beach, so that this area will put on a “new shirt” and not be sloppy anymore. However, we hope to have some information soon. specifically on land use planning to be more proactive in building and finding livelihoods”, shared Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet.

Along with Ba Dinh, the alluvial area along the Red River in Hoan Kiem district (Hanoi) in the two wards Chuong Duong and Phuc Tan has an area of ​​about 23 hectares. According to Mr. Pham Tuan Long, Chairman of Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee, the locality is developing a plan to effectively exploit the land fund and potential advantages and natural beauty of the Red River. Therefore, the district will invest in renovating the middle beach and riverside alluvial areas into a cultural and tourist park.

In addition, Hoan Kiem district will create and embellish green space, landscape, water surface, solve the problem of encroaching on the middle ground, alluvial ground along the Red River, violation of construction order, and improve environmental sanitation. The school aims to concretize the orientation of the general planning for construction of Hanoi capital by 2030, with a vision to 2050.

It takes great determination

According to the Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture, the planning project of the Red River urban subdivision at the scale of 1/5000 orients the green space on both sides of the Red River to be open spaces, creating a space for cultural exchange and fun. entertainment and convalescence for urban people, promoting agro-ecological landscapes in service of production and tourism.

For the existing residential land area, it is also improved to improve the quality of space, supplement and strengthen the social infrastructure system such as playgrounds, education, healthcare, culture, reserve the land fund to organize garden space. flowers, trees.. and technical infrastructure for traffic, water supply and drainage, environmental sanitation.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Long Bien District (Hanoi), the approved urban zoning plan is the legal basis for making detailed planning of each functional area, making construction investment projects and managing them. construction according to the plan. However, in order to realize the planning, it is necessary to have determination to solve the challenges of investment resources, application of science and technology, as well as the role and responsibility of the community in establishing the mechanism. , policy. Thereby creating favorable conditions for calling for investment in building public spaces on the basis of linking with regions and regions to promote the value of the land.

Also recognizing in the aspect of realizing the Red River planning is a difficult job, requiring great determination from the central level, ministries, cities and districts, so according to Mr. Dao Ngoc Nghiem, former Director Director of the Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture, it is necessary to promote the application of science and technology to the Red River area, especially in the construction of parks, housing renovation, and construction of public works. When implementing concretized planning, the city should also refer to the projects proposed over the years and international experience in investment and exploitation of riverbanks.

Some other opinions also said that the Red River beach land is an extremely precious “green pearl”, but it is rough and needs to be polished beautifully in order to promote the value of the landscape and common environment for the Prime Minister. dollar.

Along with that, the land is also associated with the cultural and historical values ​​of the thousand-year-old land. On such a basis, when implementing the plan into reality, the city needs to put the interests of the community first and foremost. In particular, the determination cannot let any business or organization distort or profit from the planning to occupy and sell land for profit. On the other hand, it is also necessary to soon put the planning into practice to improve the living value of people as well as embellish and rebuild the capital’s space.

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