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Police investigate Ronaldo’s phone smash

BrotherMerseyside police are investigating the case of Cristiano Ronaldo smashing the phone and bruising the hand of a young Everton fan on April 9.

“We can confirm we are in contact with Manchester United and Everton following an alleged assault at the Goodison Park match,” a Merseyside police spokesman said. “As the players left the pitch at 2:30 p.m., a young boy is believed to have been assaulted by an away team player. We are investigating, and police are also working with Everton FC to review the footage. We’re also questioning witnesses to determine if there’s a criminal element here.”

Ronaldo on his way out of Goodison Park on April 9.  Photo: ManUtd

Ronaldo on his way to Goodison Park on April 9. Image: ManUtd

Merseyside Police also urge anyone with information about the incident to contact them via social media such as: Twitter and Facebook.

On April 9, after Man Utd lost to Everton 0-1 In the 32nd round of the English Premier League, Ronaldo limped into the tunnel with his teammates. His left sock was pulled down, revealing a laceration in his calf. The Everton audience in the crowd booed and whistled the away team players. A young fan leaned forward, using his phone to record Ronaldo’s left leg. But when the 37-year-old striker stepped past, he slammed it so hard that the boy’s phone fell to the ground. Ronaldo hobbled on as if nothing happened, while the Everton fans laughed.

Ronaldo apologizes to the young fan he smashed his phone with

After the game, the boy’s mother posted it Facebook with the Sarah Kelly account, to denounce Ronaldo. She posted a photo of the boy’s bruised back of his hand, along with a cracked phone and broken screen. She wrote: “Great match turned into a meeting between me, my son Jake and the police. Can’t believe I said this, but Ronaldo broke the phone in my son’s hand while he was filming him. I’m shocked that a professional player can assault my son like that I guess a video of Ronaldo’s behavior has gone viral on Instagram, but I haven’t seen it yet, so please share for me. These players are thugs. Ronaldo is also a father. I don’t know how he would react if his son was in a similar situation.”

The boy's hand was hit with the phone, and the current state of the phone was smashed.  Photo: Sarah Kelly

The boy’s hand was hit with the phone, and the current state of the phone was smashed. Image: Sarah Kelly

A United spokesman said: “We are aware of what happened at Everton today, and the club will fully cooperate with any request made by police.”

Ronaldo also posted on social networks apology Child fan, with an invitation to the boy to watch Man Utd’s match. “Suppressing emotions in difficult times has never been easy, especially with what we are facing.”Ronaldo write on Instagram. “But we must always respect, be patient and be a role model for all the boys who love this beautiful sport. I would like to apologize for my rash action. And if possible, I would like to invite this fan. come to see a game at Old Trafford, as a gesture of fair-play and bring the spirit of sport.”

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