Secoin – construction material supplier of Nam Long, Novaland, BIM…

As a unit specializing in the production of bricks, tiles, construction materials… Secoin has been significantly affected by Covid-19. According to management, in the past 2 years, Secoin’s export market has decreased by about 40%. For domestic enterprises in general and Secoin in particular, fluctuations in raw material costs increased, transportation and logistics costs increased, which greatly affected the Company’s business activities in the domestic market as well. both export.

By early 2022, Secoin’s production and business activities have returned to normal and are now growing well. Not only thanks to the recovery of the market, but also 2 years affected by the pandemic. The company also promoted the development of the domestic market, balancing the proportion of domestic and export markets.

Specifically, Secoin focuses on large domestic projects and potential real estate partners with the goal of becoming a long-term strategic partner. Recently, Secoin continued to sign a strategy with Nam Long (NLG), following the nearby cooperation with Novaland.

It is known that Secoin and Nam Long have cooperated for the past 10 years. And this strategic signing is expected towards more valuable projects in the future.

With the above points, in 2022, the Company plans to grow the whole system to 170% compared to 2021. Correspondingly, revenue is expected to increase by about 250% and profit by 110% compared to 2021.

Especially, this year the Company will build and expand 2 new factories in Dong Nai and Ba Ria Vung Tau, when these factories are put into operation, our supply volume will increase by 250%. than before to meet for partners.

Currently, Secoin products have been exported to more than 60 countries on 6 continents. The target in 2022 is that the export market sales will account for about 35% and the domestic market will account for about 65%.

Particularly for the domestic market, Secoin’s main sales are from major partners such as Sun Group, DIC, BIM Group, Khang Dien, Phat Dat, Nam Cuong, Dat Phuong, Novaland, Nam Long…. Sales from large corporations in 2022 are expected to account for about 50% of Secoin’s revenue throughout the system.

Comments on the construction materials market, according to Secoin’s leadership, after the epidemic period and social distancing nationwide, capital construction investment and real estate investment were seriously affected, leading to the construction industry being affected. seriously affected. The construction industry also has a heavy impact on the building materials industry.

But, from October 2021, provinces across the country opened, production and business activities began to recover. In which, two major factors must be mentioned are:

(i) the government’s public investment policy, such as promoting investment in completing the system of roads, bridges, highways, and infrastructure;

(ii) the real estate market recovered quickly, a series of super projects of resorts, residential real estate were accelerated, so the recovery of the construction industry in general and construction materials industry in particular quite rapidly.

However, the building materials industry still faces many difficulties such as the epidemic has not ended, logistics costs increase rapidly, labor is scarce, and especially, the costs of raw materials, gasoline costs are high, making the construction materials industry difficult. the cost of construction materials increased. The construction materials industry in 2022 will have stiff competition and will grow strongly to serve the supply demand for a series of projects suspended during the pandemic. In addition, when climate change, environmental protection, and epidemics are increasingly concerned, green, unburnt products, safe for users and environmental protection, have the ability to regenerate as well. are preferred and preferred by customers. chn

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