Son Tung M-TP coffee gonzo doesn’t respect

This member of SpaceSpeakers is definitely in the “sight” of the Son Tung fan community!

Recently, on Instagram story, male rapper RPT Gonzo suddenly shared an image with the meaning of “cà khà” senior. Son Tung M-TP. Gonzo’s actions immediately made Son Tung fans angry, especially when the name Son Tung continued to be “warmed up” in the past few days with a series of confusing moves.

1 member of SpaceSpeakers has no respect for Son Tung M-TP directly!-1

Specifically, he posted a very familiar photo with the image of Son Tung M-TP wearing a red fur coat. Son Tung’s outfit at that time created a great controversy when the public thought that he had “copy” the style of Son Tung. G-Dragon.

This meme photo has been in vogue for many years, often being re-posted by Son Tung’s antifan to “cheat” about the fact that the male singer was constantly being discovered to “learn” from G-Dragon.

In the past, Son Tung also spoke out about this “plagiarism” issue: “If I were forever a person who learned and copied from others, I would think that I would be missing in this showbiz for a long time. If I say Son Tung plagiarized music, if I say Son Tung Dao this, the other, why is it still there?”. However, a series of images that are said to be “copy paste” G-Dragon still clings to Son Tung until now.

1 member of SpaceSpeakers has no respect for Son Tung M-TP directly!-2
Son Tung and the “classic” red coat outfit are too similar to G-Dragon.

Immediately, Gonzo received many heavy criticisms from the Son Tung fan community. Many people believe that Son Tung had no grudge or conflict with Gonzo, but so far, his juniors have posted such forgetful images publicly.

In particular, many people believe that Gonzo is also deliberately attracting attention because in the present time, Son Tung continues to become the center of attention.

– “Unfortunately think I’m funny?”.

– “I don’t touch anything, I just like coffee”.

– “Sorry Son Tung? I don’t understand, want to get fame or something?”.

– “When the day Son Tung fans rush in to crash his nick, don’t blame him!”.

1 member of SpaceSpeakers has no respect for Son Tung M-TP directly!-3

Surely you have not forgotten Gonzo – “teacher Nam” – is a student of Binz in season 1 Rap Viet, advanced to the final round. After the end of the program, Gonzo and 16 Typh recently became artists under SpaceSpeakers Group, joining the company with Touliver, Binz, Rhymastic,…

Becoming an artist in a professional company, no longer operating as pure Underground as before, Gonzo should probably be more careful in public statements and sharing.

1 member of SpaceSpeakers has no respect for Son Tung M-TP directly!-4
Photo: Instagram.

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