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The animal pretends to be strange in the Red River, lives for a few hours but is famous for its specialty, costing millions of dong

Saturday, April 9, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Some fishing villages along the Red River have just regained the godsend, which is an insect with a fake name, reviving a series of specialties that once made many people regret, costing millions of dong.

Specialty that pretends to want to eat but doesn’t have it but buys it

A group of loving journalists – the funny name of our trip – went down to Lien Ha ferry station (Dan Phuong, Hanoi) and suddenly saw a number of people swimming on the riverbank, or standing on the bank using long racquets. move around, or pick something up. Asking out to know that they cut the pretend animal (some place called the pretend animal).

The animal pretends to be strange in the Red River, lives for a few hours but is famous for its specialty, costs up to a million dong - 1

Pretend animals – specialty of fishermen along the Red River. Photo: Uyen Huong

Hearing the strange name, “homes” gathered to inquire, only to know that Lien Ha more than 20 years ago was given a pretend animal by God, processed into many famous specialty dishes, eaten once and remembered forever. Quy – ferry driver said that the animal pretends to live on the river bottom, when it returns to the sky, the larvae hatch out to the size of a grasshopper, their body is milky white, their wings are white and thin, and they fly around on the surface of the water. Name.

An elderly fisherman recounted that more than 20 years ago, going fishing pretended to be a joyful childhood for many people – especially children living along the river, following adults trying to find food and have money. In the past, there was a lot of pretending, just standing on the shore using a long racket to swing back and forth early in the morning was enough to get the whole nest.

However, suddenly, it seemed to disappear along with those once-in-a-lifetime specialties, leaving many people with regrets.

About 3 years ago, the luck of the heavens suddenly returned to the Red River section of Ninh So commune (Thuong Tin district, Hanoi), and Lien Ha commune (Dan Phuong, Hanoi). The amount of pretending is not as much as before, but it is enough to make a fishing village soon if there is anything to pretend to come up, it’s all about pulling together to skim, having fun, having money, and revitalizing specialty dishes.

The animal pretends to be strange in the Red River, lives for a few hours but is famous for its specialty, costs up to a million dong - 2

An early morning scavenger hunt of a fishing village woman. Photo: Uyen Huong

According to many people in Lien Ha, the animal pretends to live on the riverbed, from February to April of the lunar calendar they come to the surface for a few hours to molt in the early morning. For a whole month, she struggled to molt for a few days, lay eggs and then die. The eggs hatch into larvae and return to the riverbed to wait for the day they emerge to the surface to molt.

In order to catch the pretend animal, the fisherman must watch the weather and the water so that on the day of the pretense, the fisherman must skim. Many people say that the days when the weather turns to be a pretense to appear, fishermen have to “watch” to quickly skim off to eat and sell.

The animal pretends to be strange in the Red River, lives for a few hours but is famous for its specialty, costs up to a million dong - 3

Pretend to float up to lay eggs, molt on the river surface, clinging to the sides of boats and ferries. Photo of Uyen Huong

Want to eat “must roll” from 3 am

The animal pretends to let the people of Lien Ha enjoy the blessings of heaven, but to eat the fisherman “must roll” into the river from 3 am. It’s very easy to skim, around 4-6 am, it will struggle to get up and fly to find a place to molt, then it is very weak, so it can only fly on the surface of the water or the ground.

There are not everywhere, but only at the confluence of rivers where there is plenty of land for them to nest. When they come out of the water, they fly in flocks and patches. Those who don’t have boats to go to the riverside and pay close attention to their racquets can also pick up a pound of milky white insects that are gathered into the racquet. The fishing boat used a net attached to the net to swim away from the shore to pick up dead bodies floating on the river surface. Because it was not yet morning, some fishing boats still burned large torches to pretend to see the light, then gathered together, then waved the racket back and forth until it was heavy, then poured out the whole basket.

The days of floating on the surface of the water early in the morning, laughter and laughter rang throughout the river. Around 6 o’clock, everyone collects racquets and nets, then pretends to sell them to small traders, people build foam boxes to hire ships to ship to the city for high-priced orders, people bring back to prepare a special meal of the countryside. .

Pretending to live only a few hours, but remembering many famous specialties along the Red River. Pretend to go to the market to sell up to 4-5 hundred thousand VND/kg, enter the restaurant into a dish that costs up to 1 million VND/kg. Eat and then want to eat more the next day, even if you order in advance, you can’t buy it. At Lien Ha ferry, the price is about 150,000 VND/kg when it’s expensive (sometimes it’s less expensive), when it’s cheap (sometimes it’s a lot) it’s 100,000 VND/kg, some people buy it and store it in the freezer to eat. gradually.

Those who like to eat pretend but come late, or can’t get a racquet, go along the river to pick up a boat to buy, but this is not easy because when this product comes to the shore, someone is waiting and buying it all.

The animal pretender (also known as the puppet) belongs to the order Plankton, an order of a group of Palaeoptera, along with the order Dragonflies, the scientific name is Ephemeroptera.

Pretend is a type of insect that escapes the body twice. After the second they have a pair of wings and live only a few hours.

The longest lifespan of the puppet is also not more than 1 week. Its larvae live in water, after becoming worms, the body is soft, emitting light, two antennae on the head like a dagger, at the end of the abdomen grow 3 tail feathers.

At night, the animals pretend to gather, hover over the water to conduct mating. After that, the female lays her eggs in the water, and most of them die.

According to the book “10 Thousand Questions Why”

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