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The Botanical Garden “broken down”, parents and children jostled each other to cross the sea of ​​people

From early morning, thousands of people flocked to the Zoo and Botanical Garden (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) to have fun and “break the battle”, many people stuck in traffic waiting outside.

Inside the ticketing area, many families gathered in long lines, it took 15-30 minutes to buy tickets. The parking lot is always full, there is no way to get out.

Hung Temple area, early on, was crowded with many people, unions, and parents bringing their children to visit and offer incense to commemorate the death anniversary of the ancestors (the 10th day of the third lunar month).

The Zoo and Botanical Garden

Many families invite each other to this place to organize an outdoor picnic party, enjoy the day off with their loved ones, making it crowded.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) said: “When I came here, I was very happy, very excited. During the epidemic years, I felt a sense of lack of something, this year I am very excited to have fun here. A few years ago, she went out, but this year, she felt more excited, because it was more than a year because of the epidemic, she couldn’t go out to have fun like this.”

The Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is crowded since early morning.

“This is the first time I and the whole class have visited Hung like this. I am also quite worried about the epidemic, but I am also relieved when the State has taken very good measures to prevent the epidemic, creating conditions for us to have the opportunity to have such fun.”friend Diep Lam Khanh (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) said.

It is known that the temple of King Hung at the Zoo and Botanical Garden built by the French in 1926 is called the Temple of Memory (Temple de Souvenir). After 1954, the temple was converted into the temple of Quoc To Hung Vuong.

The Zoo and Botanical Garden

Adults and children wait to buy tickets to visit the Zoo and Botanical Garden.

After 1975, the temple was changed to Hung Vuong temple and assigned to the Vietnam History Museum in Ho Chi Minh City to manage. In June 2015, Hung Temple was ranked as a historical – cultural relic, a city-level scenic spot.

Every year on the 10th day of the third lunar month, there is a solemn death anniversary ceremony to remember the merits of building the Vietnamese nation of the Hung Kings. The ceremony includes: incense offering ceremony, palanquin procession and festival.

The Zoo and Botanical Garden

Incense offering and palanquin procession are dignified

Inside the Zoo and Botanical Garden, many families gather in the areas where elephants, crocodiles, and animals are kept. Many families feel overwhelmed, not expecting it to be so crowded today. The shady lawns were packed with people to rest and eat.

The Zoo and Botanical Garden

Many families, instead of going far away, just go to the camping park to have a complete holiday.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) takes her children to many places on holidays every time she comes to visit, this year she chose to stay in Ho Chi Minh City to avoid crowding, but did not expect it to be crowded. position.

“Every year on holidays, we come here to play all the time. Years before the epidemic, so I stayed at home, now that it’s better, I also want to take the kids out to play comfortably. I came here feeling overwhelmed when it was too crowded, I had to find a place, sir, but it was too crowded and the children couldn’t stand it.”Huong shared.

The Zoo and Botanical Garden

Both parents and children are cool and sweaty

The sky is standing still, the flow of people flocking to the Botanical Garden is increasingly crowded, they consider this place as a place to avoid the heat in the hot weather of the holiday. Many young people bring food, tarpaulins, and hammocks so that after eating and playing, they find shade to rest. right-le-gio-to-hung-vuong-20220410124821675.chn

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