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The experience of a lonely girl at the age of 32

Everyone needs a family as a life goal, but I struggle to live only for myself.

Many of you, like me, are struggling and struggling because of being “unlucky” when they are over 30 years old. Worries, fears about the future, uncertainties in difficult times, sadness that no one shares, the two words “solitude” are always present, making us heavier on holidays and Tet. The office environment is always family stories, husband and children make it even more difficult for me to integrate because more than 30 years old is still lonely and lonely. Some say it’s cocoon, some say it’s difficult, some say it’s great, then match up people who are stronger than me, people who just look at it and have no emotions.

>> I’m lonely

Actually, I also want to find someone to hold hands, but who wants to be alone in the middle of life forever, wants to be transported to the streets, to sit next to each other, to give each other warmth. It’s easy for other people, but it’s too difficult for me, how to get to know a person? It’s not as simple as taking a class, doing yoga, or going to the gym to find it, even if you throw yourself out into society, it’s too difficult for introverts, shy to communicate like me.

I tried to find out, open my heart, and bravely face my own weaknesses, but to no avail, only the wounds left by dreaming too much about happiness. Sometimes I think that maybe this life will be just that, alone and alone, when I can’t stand it anymore, I will let go. Thank you everyone for listening.


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