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The moment the first civilian crew docked at the ISS

The SpaceX spacecraft carrying the civilian crew of Ax-1 on April 9 successfully arrived at the International Space Station after a nearly one-day long flight journey.

The moment the first civilian crew docked at the ISS

Mission Ax-1 to the International Space Station. Video: AFP

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavor spacecraft carrying a crew of 4 for Axiom Space company safely docked at the International Space Station (ISS) at 19:29 on April 9 Hanoi time, ending the chase for funds. from the night of April 8 after launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a Falcon 9 booster. The docking was delayed by about 44 minutes due to video problems on the station, but everything went smoothly in the end.

“We’re happy to be here, albeit a little late,” said Ax-1 mission commander Michael López-Alegría, a former NASA astronaut. “Everything is looking forward to. Thank you for everything”.

Ax-1 was the first civilian mission to the International Space Station. In addition to López-Alegría, who has flown into space four times in her 20-year career, the three remaining crew members are amateur astronauts, including American real estate investor Larry Connor, Canadian investor and philanthropist Mark Pathy and former Israeli fighter pilot Eytan Stibbe. The public ticket price is 55 million USD per person for an 8-day trip.

Aboard the ISS, which orbits 400 kilometers above sea level, the quartet will undertake 25 research projects, including a demonstration of MIT technology on intelligent building blocks that can form a swarm of robots. or a spatial architecture. Another remarkable experiment involved using cancer stem cells to grow small tumours, then taking advantage of the accelerated aging environment of microgravity to identify “biomarkers” to target. early detection of cancer.

NASA has hailed the tripartite partnership with Axiom and SpaceX as an important step towards commercializing the region of space known as “low-Earth orbit”.

Axiom also planned a second manned mission, Ax-2. The Houston, Texas-based company sees the missions as stepping stones to a larger goal of building its own private space station. The station’s first module is expected to launch in 2024.

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