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The old maid ‘calls people to steal money’ from the owner of the villa

Ho Chi Minh CityMs. Le Thi Du, 72 years old, working in the villa, is said to discuss with her granddaughter, call more people, plan to rob more than two billion dong from the owner.

On April 10, Ms. Du and her grandson Le Hong Khanh, 42 years old; Nguyen Quoc Thai, 28 years old, and 4 others were taken by the Criminal Police Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department to clarify their behavior. Property robbery.

“The suspects admitted to the act, claiming that Ms. Yu was the mastermind, had the main role, manipulated and planned the robbery,” a source of the police said. VnExpress said.

Ms. Yu (centre) was identified by the police as the person who planned the robbery.  Photo: Quoc Thang

Le Thi Du (center) is the suspect leading the robbery. Image: National winner

According to the initial investigation, Du and Le Thi Hong, 35 years old, help the owner of the villa, which is also the company’s headquarters at alley 320 Tran Binh Trong Street, District 5. Knowing that the owner’s family often leaves a lot of money, except bad things in the house, so both develop greed.

A few days ago, Ms. Du called Khanh and her husband to discuss how to stage a script to storm the villa and rob the property. Khanh invited more Thai and some people to join. This group gathered at Khanh’s motel in Binh Tan district to assign tasks and choose the time to commit the crime.

Thai, the suspect directly broke into the villa with a knife.  Photo: Quoc Thang

Thai, the suspect directly broke into the villa with a knife. Image: National winner

On the evening of April 9, when the homeowner was away, Ms. Du messaged Khanh to carry out the plan. More than 6pm, a group of robbers including 4 people wearing masks, backpacks, knives and hammers approached the villa.

Khanh and Du hold a gift package, pretending to be a delivery person to ring the bell. Hong opened the door, Thai brandished a knife threateningly and rushed inside, Khanh ran behind. The other two were standing outside the realm.

Khanh and Thai burst into the office, controlling the teenager (the owner’s relative). Thai broke the cabinet with a hammer and took 1.8 billion VND; 10,000 USD, iPhone… put it in a backpack and a sack and then took it out with Khanh to get on a motorbike and escaped.

The band of robbers brought money to Khanh’s motel room to keep it, divided each person in a place, listening to the situation.

The stolen money was seized by the police.  Photo: Quoc Thang

The stolen money was seized by the police. Image: National winner

The special criminal squad coordinated with the Criminal Technical Department, District 5 Police to examine the scene and analyze the security camera data in the villa. “The picture shows that the robbery took place quite easily. They already knew the information in the house, so they almost didn’t find the property elsewhere, but concentrated on where to keep the money in the office cabinet. This robbery has hands. in,” said an investigator.

Right in the night, the police extracted security cameras around the area, following the tracks of the bandits. When determining Khanh and Du as suspects, the scouts surrounded the motel room, arrested and recovered all the property they robbed. The remaining suspects were subsequently arrested.

The maid planned to rob billions

The band of robbers broke into the mansion to rob the property. Video: Nguyen Diep

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