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The pregnancy is hard, the mother is overjoyed because her daughter was born beautifully

During 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, despite being tired and struggling, every mother tries her best to wish her baby to be healthy, healthy, and beautiful. The moment you meet your child for the first time will surely be unforgettable, and the same goes for Ms. Huong (who lives in Ha Nam). Whenever I think back to that time, the mother of one child is extremely emotional.

When she was pregnant with Tran Cat Thien An (nicknamed Sam), Huong often had low blood pressure and was quite tired from morning sickness. On the due date, the young mother’s water broke, but she didn’t know it, and it was not until the morning that she found out that she rushed to the hospital. The moment she welcomed her little daughter, Huong was constantly happy because the baby was so beautiful.

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Sam turned into a beautiful snow white princess.

Little Sam gets older and more adorable, inheriting a lot of beauty from her parents. She loves taking pictures and whether she plays a gentle princess or a personality, she plays extremely well. In real life, Sam is also very sociable and fun. The child is understanding, sociable and obedient, so Ms. Huong takes care of the baby quite leisurely without facing many difficulties.

Sharing more about her daughter, the young mother confided: ”When I was pregnant, I often had low blood pressure. However, when I see my baby being born, growing up and growing up day by day, I am even happier. My son is very obedient, eats and sleeps, doesn’t mess around or cry, so I’m also somewhat reassured.

Innocent and innocent girl in aristocratic photos.

There is something special about her that she is very clean, that must be her personality since childhood. My Sam also likes to go to the temple and hang out with his parents. She has always been a vivacious, beautiful and energetic girl, spreading her love of life and love to everyone.

Seeing a beautiful, cute baby makes me very happy. But every baby in the world has its own beauty, cuteness and innocence. Therefore, as long as their children are obedient and healthy, it is enough to make mothers feel happy.”.

Let’s see some more pictures of baby Sam.

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Style momentum, cake or personality a little bit, the little girl still “weighed” all the socks.

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There is nothing happier than having such a lovely and obedient daughter.

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Little Sam is lovely, cute and also very personable. thien-than-20220331115324342.chn

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