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The race to dominate the satellite Internet field

This competition is inevitable as many companies plan to launch thousands of satellite systems into low Earth orbit.

The latest move in the field Satellite Internet On April 5, Amazon announced a series of agreements with partners to implement a satellite beam launch plan in the satellite Internet project called Kuiper worth $ 10 billion. Thereby, this e-commerce company can provide Internet services to people all over the world, even in areas without Internet connection.

In addition to satellites, Amazon also intends to offer affordable terminals, as well as Echo smart home devices, and Kindle e-readers, and promises to offer services at affordable prices. reasonable and easily accessible but has not yet set a specific price.

Currently, customers in the US can access the Internet through two major satellite Internet service providers, HughesNet and Viasat, while in Europe, Orange’s Nordnet subsidiary is operating the Eutelsat satellite system. Konnect to provide broadband to customers. Service fees are around 60 euros/month ($70/month) excluding terminals and antennas, as well as bandwidth levels.

British company OneWeb has also launched 428 of 648 satellites into low Earth orbit, while China plans to launch about 13,000 satellites.

In addition to the issue of competition, the rapid development of the satellite Internet sector also aims to meet the increasing demand in the world. At the end of March, the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations said that Internet access was once considered a “luxury” but has now become important for many people amid the COVID pandemic. -19, when people have to stay at home more and many other activities move to online form.

Experts even forecast that “demand for bandwidth has skyrocketed worldwide and we will never launch enough satellites to meet the demand”.

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