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There are 5 types of soaked wine that are easy to treat 9 difficult feelings of men in the bedroom

Friday, April 8, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

In addition to improving health, improving longevity, and staying strong in the bedroom, there are also these medicinal liquors that can treat 9 difficult feelings of men.

Gecko’s herbal medicine jade crane

If the gentleman in the bedroom has a feeling of cold feet, back pain, knee fatigue, impotence, impotence, decreased libido, etc., it is necessary to nourish the kidneys and yang, improve health by herbal medicine gecko jade crane (not is the jade crane).


– Gecko 50g

– 1 pair of dog testicles (if it’s a golden dog, it’s best).

– White wine 250g.

– Three sizes of 30g, 30g of humiliation, 30g of goji berries, 120g of paint, 4g of incense, 100g of honey.

There are 5 types of soaked wine that are easy to treat 9 difficult feelings of men in the bedroom - 1

Gecko is one of the ingredients for making kidney tonic and yang. Illustration.

How to make

The herbs are dried and crushed. Crushed dog testicles. All soaked with white wine, after 21 days, it can be used.

Drink 2 times a day, 10ml each time.

According to modern pharmacological research results, geckos are rich in protein, fat and especially contain many trace elements such as Zn, Fe, Ca, Mg… Note the Zn and Fe content in the tail. geckos are many times higher than in the body (Zn alone is 42 times higher).

The content of amino acids in the tail is also very rich, almost equal to the total amount of amino acids in the body. Therefore, when preparing and using, care should be taken to keep the tail of the gecko intact.

Note: All kinds of chameleon wine are generally warm to support yang and tonic, so people with high blood pressure, or suffering from extrasensory diseases, should not use it.

There are 5 types of soaked wine that are easy to treat 9 difficult feelings of men in the bedroom - 2

Medicinal materials for making Tien Mao potion. Illustration.

Medicinal wine fairy

Men, if unfortunately suffer from impotence, cold semen, frequent urination at night, back pain, tired knees, reduced sexual ability … should use Tien Mao Uu. This is the type of tonic yang yuu that is recorded in the ancient medical book Manufactory of Manuscript.


– Fairy Mao 100g

– White wine 2000 ml.

How to make

– Tien Mao chopped, put in a cloth bag and then soaked in wine, after 10 days can be used.

– If you can make your own hair in the way Cuu Chou Cuu Sai (9 times of cooking and drying), it’s best.

How to use: Drink 2 times a day, each time from 10-20 ml.

According to traditional medicine, fenugreek has a slightly bitter taste, is warm, has the effect of calming the kidney and yang, strengthening the tendons and bones, and is used to treat cold yang (impotence, cold semen).

Uses: Tonify spleen and kidneys, strengthen tendons and bones, except for low cold, used for people with impotence, cold semen, frequent urination at night, back pain, tired knees, sexual dysfunction.

The Book of Manuscripts for Foot Bridge says: “Tien Mao, every time the letter is assigned to the public, it specializes in improving fire, supporting the yang ovary, the yang yang yang, the yang, the yang, the sublime, the effective chi” (tien Mao, according to the textbook, is specialized in supplements. fire, support yang, warm semen; for all cold symptoms of the lower body, impotence, cold drink is effective).

Therefore, Tien Mao Jiu is a very simple medicinal wine but very effective.

There are 5 types of soaked wine that are easy to treat 9 difficult feelings of men in the bedroom - 3

Drugs of erotic lust. Illustration.

Erotic or humiliating humiliation

Men with reduced sexual ability, spermatorrhea, impotence, late children, back pain, arthritis… should use yang yang or humongous liquor. This wine has a delicious taste, attractive color, clear effect, so it is preferred by many people.


– 100g fern,

– 50g humiliation,

– White wine 1000 ml.

How to make: Two things chopped and then soaked with wine, after 7-10 days can be used.

Uses: Supplement kidney and yang, strengthen tendons and bones, low leprosy area, used for people with reduced sexual ability, spermatorrhea, impotence, late child, back pain, arthritis…

How to use: Drink 2 times a day, each time from 15-20 ml.

The experience of using erotic wine (also known as fairy wine) to strengthen yang has been handed down for a long time in folklore, recorded in the ancient medical books Tho The Bao Nguyen and Nhat Hoa Tu Manuscripts. According to traditional medicine, both lustful yang and humiliation have the effect of tonic kidney and yang.

Modern research results show that, in addition to improving the immune system, being beneficial to the heart and anti-aging, both of these flavors have the ability to promote growth and development and improve performance. of the gonads.

Drink Hero

This type of tonic alcohol has been handed down for a long time in folklore. According to folklore, Hero of the Wine has the effect of treating 9 difficult feelings of men in the bedroom (such as weak yang, weakness that cannot be exhilarated, elated but not enough, enough but not real, real, but not hard, hard but do not obey, obey but not for long, long without sperm, have sperm but no child).


– 1 pair of geckos

– White wine 2000 ml.

– Other medicinal herbs: 15g of Son thu, 15g of crane, 15g of dong quai, 15g of goji berries, 15g of rabbit ty tu, 15g of ginseng, 30g of buckwheat.

How to make: The chopped herbs soaked in alcohol in a sealed bottle can be used after 3 weeks.

Uses: Replenish kidney and yang, useful for blood nourishment.

How to use: Drink 3 times a day, 1 cup each time.

This type of tonic wine has been around for a very long time, including ginseng that tonics with energy; Dong quai and goji berries nourish blood; tonic circuit; Son vene, scorpion, rabbit ty Tu and gecko tonic kidney yang. The 8 flavors work in balance with each other, both tonifying qi and blood, and toning yin and yang, especially kidney yang, so the function of strengthening yang is very good.

There are 5 types of soaked wine that are easy to treat 9 difficult feelings of men in the bedroom - 4

Minh Mang pharmacy. Illustration.

Minh network drinking

This is a medicine for men with spermatogenesis, cold and dilute semen, impotence, premature ejaculation, decreased sex drive … need to use.


– Ginseng 60g

– 3 liters of good wine

– 500g white granulated sugar

Other medicinal herbs: The custom is 24g, 36g white, 24g goji berry, 36g leprosy, 24g anise, 36g white honey, 12g cinnamon, 24g frequency delivery, 60g peach kernel, 36g dong quai, 36g big apple, 36g cross-frame, independent activity 24g, Bach Thuoc 36g, Quince 24g, Field 60g, Thuong Truc 24g, Bean weight 24g, Licorice 24g, Khuong Hoai 24g, Regulation 24g, bare skin 24g.

How to make: Soak it all with 3 liters of good wine and 500g of white granulated sugar. After 3 days, add 1.5 liters of boiling water, soak for another 7 days, then use it.

How to use: Drink 1-2 times a day, each time 30ml (1 small cup) before meals, or before going to bed at night.

This type of wine has the effect of nourishing physiology and prolonging life, but because it is inclined to yang, it should only be used for people with yang-negative syndrome (main symptoms such as stagnation, weakness, easy to catch colds). , or afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, pale face, fatigue like loss of strength, easy to sweat during the day, pale mouth, don’t like to drink cold water, long urine, loose stools;

But people with yin deficiency should not drink this wine.

This was originally a remedy created by the Nguyen Dynasty Thai Hospital (1802 – 1945) to use for King Minh Mang (1820 – 1840). Later, it was handed down in folk with the name “Minh Mang thang”. Because it has a very high kidney tonic effect, it is praised as a drink that can be “one night, five, five, five”.


– Before using medicinal alcohol, it is necessary to be examined and diagnosed by a specialist doctor, determine which body part is damaged, which viscera need to be replenished, gender, age, physical characteristics, etc. pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical preparations with quality.

Pharmaceutical alcohol is also a medicine, so when using it, you must adhere to 3 principles: the right disease, the right person and the right dose.

– Each type of animal, or herb is intended to treat some specific disease or condition, the dose used. When taking 2 or more drugs at the same time, it is necessary to consult a doctor (or pharmacist) for appropriate drug interactions.

– Do not arbitrarily use alcohol without professional knowledge, leading to adverse effects.

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