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They are all familiar places, if you don’t take precautions, the silver mountain will dry up

The folk songs, proverbs, and teachings of the previous generation encapsulate valuable experiences gathered over decades and hundreds of years. And to this day, many teachings still retain its core values, unaltered by time.

The teachings are old, but we – people living in the new era should still listen and absorb the right things so that we can avoid bad things from happening to our lives.

There is an old Chinese teaching about dealing with people that “there are not 3 places with money, no less than 2 people without money”. Understanding the meaning of this saying will make you turn disaster into happiness, avoid bad luck.

Money doesn’t go to 3 places

1. Casino

The first place we need to mention must be many people can guess. That’s the casino! Currently, places called casinos cannot legally exist because our country’s law prohibits gambling in any form.

However, in the olden days, gambling was a very common thing and was allowed to be open to those who had money to come and have fun.

Regardless of the era, we all know that casinos are not a good place. It’s the funniest place where we can meet all kinds of people in the world. People come to this place mainly to satisfy their own depraved pleasures. A lot of people just because of these momentary pleasures that spend all their money on the casino, lose all their money in one night, and lose their family.

Therefore, no matter how rich you are, you must stay away from the temptation of gambling, even if it’s just for fun, never try it if you don’t want to be engulfed in the evils of risk of losing everything.

The ancients taught that

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2. Where “butterfly bees”

The second place that needs to be mentioned is called the “Green Floor”. Similar to casinos, the Blue Pavilion in the previous era was legally operated as a place to entertain royalty, aristocrats and the rich. The origin of the green floor according to Chinese history comes from the Spring and Autumn Warring States period.

Up to the present time, the Green Floor has been transformed into many different types and it still blatantly exists despite being prohibited by law. Therefore, what each of us can do is keep ourselves away from it, can’t let a minute of infatuation lose ourselves.

That’s why everyone needs to remember that even if you have money, you can’t indulge in entertainment, this will only make you lose yourself, your health and your money.

3. Homeland

The last place to mention here is the homeland. Surely some people will wonder why when you have money, you should limit returning to your hometown. Isn’t what the vast majority of us pursue all our lives is to make a lot of money and then return to our homeland?

In fact, the ancients gave such a view behind it was a very profound truth, this truth is drawn from the reality of our lives. A person who strives all his life to create material wealth when he returns home, his status will be on a completely different level from before.

That is a good thing as well as a bad thing. The good thing is that you have the respect and pride of your family and friends. The bad point is that there will be a lot of relying on having a previous relationship that takes advantage of borrowing money, asking for help, cheating you in many different ways. There are many people who are deceived to lose their entire fortune because of respecting acquaintances, absolutely do not take this matter lightly.

The ancients taught that

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2 types of people, whether you have money or not, you shouldn’t come near

1. People who are ruthless, greedy, value money above all else

When you’re poor and your life is low, such people won’t even look at you let alone lend you a hand.

Even if you ask for their help, they will use all sorts of excuses to avoid it. When you don’t have money, they will only look down on you, not really being there to help and encourage. Those are the people who are not worth making friends with whether you are rich or poor.

2. People with bad hearts

These people always consider the sadness and despair of others as a kind of happiness. This is typical of people who don’t want anyone better than them, don’t want anyone to live better than them. These people will only take advantage of you when you are in trouble, miserable but gloating to stab you another knife in the back.

So, such people will only become obstacles in your way, if you don’t realize it in time, they may continue to step on you to move forward. Such people must be avoided as soon as possible.

According to Sohu, 163

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