Those who choose to stay at home for the holidays

Every April, there are two holidays to extend the death anniversary of the ancestors and on April 30, this year the holidays are even more special because the whole country reopens to normal tourism after 2 years of closure due to the pandemic. sick. Since 2 weeks ago, friends, relatives, and colleagues of Ms. Huyen have asked about her plans to go on holiday.

However, Ms. Huyen is quite calm: “For four years now, my family has been at home for the holidays. Instead, we choose a quiet occasion to go out.” Explaining why she chose this option, Ms. Huyen said: “Even though it’s convenient to go on a holiday, you don’t have to take time off from work, but the service price is high and the service is not attentive. Good luck with the train. When the house has its own car, I still hesitate due to traffic jams.”

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Specialty “traffic jam” during the Holidays in Hanoi (According to Tien Phong)

Five years ago, Huyen’s family had a lifetime of memories when traveling to Hai Tien. They chose to go on vacation on April 30, because of late booking, no hotel room, had to book a motel. When they arrived, the whole family fell because the price of the motel was the same as the hotel’s but the facilities were “unacceptable”, according to Huyen. The room is near the garden with chickens and some dogs that run and bark all day. Want to change to another room, another place can’t because “out of room”. Wherever you go, it’s crowded and the service is long. Huyen’s house had to change 2 places to eat because it was too crowded. On the way back, the car was stuck for 4 hours at Phap Van gate in the hot weather of nearly 40 degrees. Ms. Huyen summed up, for the whole trip, the difference in the price compared to the price of going on normal days is 20%-30% higher, but “putting myself in the body”.

Not only traveling, some people on the occasion of a long vacation have arranged to visit their family in the countryside. Yen’s family, whose hometown is Cua Lo (Nghe An), also planned to visit home for the holidays. At first, they planned to take a bus back to their hometown to help drive because the distance was quite long and thought it was possible to translate. People coming to Nghe An will not be as crowded as usual. However, after asking where the long-distance bus tickets were sold and being told that tickets were sold out a week before the holiday, they decided to return to their hometown for a week after the holiday. Although she had to ask for a day off from work, Yen’s view was that “it will reduce the crowd and reduce the possibility of infection because no one in the family has been infected with Covid 19”.

Traveling at the right time, the number of tourists flocking to a crowded tourist place also makes many people depressed because they cannot “check-in” as desired, “taking pictures only shows people”, according to Ms. Huyen.

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People crowded at Da Lat night market on the evening of April 9 (Photo Viet Thanh)

This year, the anniversary of the death anniversary coincides with the weekend and after a long time, people cannot travel comfortably, so the number of tourists has a sudden increase in travel demand. According to government information, the amount Google searches for Vietnam’s flights and accommodation are currently growing at the highest rate in the world.

Travel before and after the ceremony

Instead of going on holiday, many families and young people this year tend to move before or after the holidays. Because the government and tourism businesses are deploying tourism stimulus, unlike previous years, this year’s stimulus tourism discount programs have been implemented throughout the year, with many choices for people to choose from. people.

Ms. Giang (Vung Tau) also rescheduled her outing a week before the ceremony instead of waiting until the right ceremony. The alternative is to use the leave day to make up for the workday. She said that the cost of taking a day off work is cheaper than the increased cost due to going on the right holiday.

Only the room rate on the occasion of the holiday surcharge increased from 10%-25%. Airfares on holidays also increase by 20%-30% compared to weekdays.

Ms. Huyen and her family planned and booked the hotel in mid-April right after March 10 and before April 30. According to her calculations, the cost was cheaper than going on holiday by about 10%-15%. This plan has been applied by her family since 4 years ago and according to her “this year, when tourism booms after Covid, I think this is a perfect solution”.


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