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Today, French voters go to the polls for the president

Le Hong Quang (TV reporter from Paris, France)Sunday, April 10, 2022 06:30 GMT+7

The election campaign has been quite lackluster, not attracting the attention of French voters as in previous elections. Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron still leads the vote intention polls. His main rival is far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, narrowing the gap in the polls.

The campaign was affected by two major events: inflation and the war in Ukraine. While Mr. Macron pledged to continue economic reforms and strengthen France’s role, Ms. Le Pen focused on the current preoccupation of most French people with inflation, with the promise of tax cuts to increase purchasing power. .

This election, the two traditional big parties, center-right and center-left, have no hope. The center-right Republican candidate is projected to get just 8% of vote intent, while the center-left Socialist candidate has an all-time low of 2%.

These projections are likely to be heavily biased, as abstentions are projected to be very high. Nearly half of the French respondents were hesitant to choose which of the 12 presidential candidates to choose.

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