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Top pairs of generals with extremely cool combo combos, why not invite your friends to fight!

In the past time, we often see the top rankings of champions with the ability to play good lanes and match the meta. This will help gamers apply when climbing single rank. But in fact, Lien Quan Mobile is also a team game, if you have more friends, what’s better. The match is both exciting and easier to communicate with than strangers.

So today, let’s see which champion couples have interesting combinations in the game that are both fun and effective.

1. Dirak x Celica

This duo must say that a comprehensive defense with Celica will be the main damage and Dirak acts as a shield plus creates a protective control effect for Celica.

The interesting point of this duo will be to destroy buildings quickly at a very long range with Celica’s ultimate cannonball, and when an enemy tries to approach her, Dirak takes care of her. The ultimate move LOTTERY can block damage for a fairly long time, plus with the set of skills and enhanced damage from the counter attack, even the bullfighter generals are bored, let alone what is the gunner or mage on the other side.

Lien Quan Mobile: Top pairs of generals have extremely cool combo combos, why not invite your friends to fight!  - Photo 1.

Celica just shoots and Dirak takes care of the rest

2. Paine x Allin

This duo of assassins and gladiators is loved by many players. Lots of damage, wide range, full silence control makes the main enemy of the back row evaporate within a note.

Specifically, this combo is a combination of the last two moves of these two generals. During Paine’s teleportation to rush into a specified location, Allain will stand next to him and use his ultimate to climb into Paine’s body to go to that location.

And when Paine lands, dozens of damage are poured into the enemy team, all that remains is to discharge the remaining set of skills to clear the weak enemies.

The damage is big, it’s fun to play again, so why not try it?

3. Kahlii x Zip

Just reading the names of these two generals is enough to understand what the combo will be like. Must be called a tank fitted with a gun.

Kahlii uses her ultimate, Zip will swallow her in the stomach. At that time, the move is still performed and follows the direction of Zip’s movement. Zip when swallowing allies will become hardened with the ability to control. So when using this combo, if you don’t dodge well, there’s no way you can interrupt that move.

The gun tank in the Union Army was born

4. Aleister x Arum

These two generals alone are already the fear of many gamers. Now walking together is called binding to death.

The kit of Aleister and Arum is nothing to discuss. 2/3 is control, the other ability deals damage over time.

Just one hit of the chain is considered as letting go of the keyboard, nothing more.

5. Eland’orr x Rouie

This support gunner duo was once loved by many gamers because of the “virtual canada” level of the set of moves as if they were born together.

Imagine, when you fight with Eland’orr almost out of health. This guy just needs to drop his “spirit lamp” to stay with skill 1, enter Rouie’s vortex, return home full of health and come back in less than 5 seconds, do you feel “bored”?

This duo is also very good in laning with Eland’orr hand damage and extremely good protection Rouie. If you use this combo and play with friends, “out of sauce”.

This combo has been applied by two RPL dtac Talon players in extreme competition

Above are the top 5 duos with combos that combine very well. What are you waiting for without inviting your friends to battle rank!

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