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Two sisters who are almost 40 years old but have no husband, it’s my mother’s fault

I am 39 years old this year, my sister is 37 years old, tall and beautiful in appearance, wealthy families. The total current assets of parents is up to nearly 20 billion. Mother often entices us, whoever gets married will give 5 billion as a dowry.

When I was growing up, I thought that getting married for two sisters would be as easy as turning hands. Just say you want to get married, there will be dozens of men asking to be the groom. But the reality is much worse than we thought.

My sister and I both had several relationships and lived together, but each love was short-lived. My longest relationship was 5 months, and the shortest was a week.

Parents are always urging marriage story of two sisters, but they do not know our suffering. Sister said: “I don’t understand why I get dumped by my boyfriend every few times I go out?”. My sister’s question was exactly what was happening to me as well.

After many failed love affairs, finally, my sisters and I live narrowly and do not want to love anyone anymore. Now that I’m almost 40 years old, I don’t see any guy chasing after me. Before, we had a good job, but at the company, we were always bullied, shunned and hated by colleagues, so the two sisters in turn quit their jobs to stay at home to live with their parents.

Yesterday, my sister and I sat drinking coffee with our cousin. We talked to her about how difficult it was to find a husband. Nhu sighed and said, my sister and I were excellent when we were young, but because of the wrong way of teaching, we were like this.

She said many times that she wanted to give advice to my mother about how to teach children had a problem but was afraid of being scolded by her so she stopped. This time, my sisters and I wanted to learn, so Nhu told the truth. She said that my parents are very pampered, do not force me to do anything. So we’re almost 40 years old and we still don’t know how to cook a family meal or do housework.

She said that a girl’s temperament must be gentle and gentle, over here, if something is not pleasing to the eye, my sisters and I will scold and slap people like that, who is not afraid. My sisters and I very despise others, only know that everyone obeys them, never paying attention to the other’s mood.

She said that we have the personalities we have today because my mother’s parenting style was not like anyone else’s. I know that my sisters and I have bad qualities, but my mother considers them to be hers rich lady needed, so she did not correct it, considering it the most correct.

Nhu said now that we want to get married, we have to change ourselves. But my sisters and I really don’t know where to change and how to change? Half a person’s life, not if you want to change, you can change it immediately.


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