“Understand and punch the elephant to death”, what specific expressions do really smart people often have?

first. A truly intelligent person usually does not like to engage in heated arguments with others. Whether it’s right or wrong, they will first let the other person speak at will, because they want to listen to other people’s opinions, and then reflect on their own, analyze it more deeply, and make a final conclusion.

2. Intelligent people implicitly, when talking and working, will be very slow and calm in the face of difficulties. Because they often think carefully before speaking instead of speaking in a hurry, their tone will be slower and softer, and their words will also be more grounded and logical.

3. A really smart person usually doesn’t calculate small things, for big things is also very clear, not entangled. They have their own set of principles and never give in. But at the same time they are also generous and tolerant people, big and small things can be tolerated.

4. A truly intelligent person is usually modest and cautious, they are very approachable and gentle, even dressing very simply. No matter who they are, they are all very polite, when they talk they often laugh, without any pride.

5. A really smart person is usually very knowledgeable about everything, though, but sometimes they will also pretend not to know in order to maintain work or relationships, which makes it easy for outsiders to feel they are only is an ordinary person. Most of them don’t say it because they see through, the purpose is to save some face for others, to give the other party a way back.

6. A really smart person will not brag after success, but will meticulously find out his own shortcomings so that he can continue to improve in the future. At the same time, even if they fail, they are not discouraged or upset, so outsiders will rarely see their decline.

7. A really smart person will never pretend to know something, if they don’t understand then they will ask other people’s opinion. Whether the respondent is an ordinary person or a rich person, they will not look down on him because of his position or position.

8. A really smart person will never interfere in other people’s affairs. If they are superiors, they will let people they trust do all the work. And if they are subordinates, they will also follow the orders of their superiors without exceeding their authority. In particular, they are very flexible to change when there is a problem, not stubbornly.

9. A really smart person often likes to be alone, like quiet and quiet, they often immerse themselves in their own world, find out what they want to learn, think about what they need to think and do what they want to do. .

ten. A really smart person, most of the time, will agree with the principle of “suffering is a blessing”, even sometimes the more they know they will be disadvantaged, the more they want to receive it without hesitation, making outsiders feel see them as stupid, but in the end they always use their intelligence, use that disadvantage to win career success and respect from people.

You see, sometimes the word “smart” is not enough to describe people who are really smart, we should use the word “intelligence”. An intellectual person because they understand everything, they have no need to make a fuss in any way, and of course they always appreciate the cultivation of dignity and wisdom, because they are smart enough to understand its importance and benefits. If you come across a smart person with bad morals, please don’t give them these 2 smart words. now-20220408232734734.chn

Tran Anh

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