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What are the effects of gotu kola and who should not eat gotu kola?

first What is gotu kola?

Gotu kola, also known under the names of snow herbs, thundercss, … has the scientific name is Centella asiatica. This is a vegetable that is native to Australia, islands in the Pacific region, some countries in Asia. It is used a lot in cooking and also in medicine because of the great effects it brings.

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2 Features of gotu kola

2. 1. About the trunk

Gotu kola is a herbaceous plant that grows on the ground. Stems are green, sometimes slightly reddish. In addition, on the stem, there are branching roots at the nodes.

2.2. About leaves

Centella asiatica leaves are heart-shaped, green in color, with a long stem and a rather slippery texture. The surface of the leaves is smooth, with criss-cross veins in the shape of a propeller. The leaves have an average length of 10-20cm, growing from the stalk.

2.3. About flowers and fruits

Gotu kola has the ability to bloom. The flowers of the plant are pale pink or white, growing in small clusters together. The fruit of the tree is formed after the flower fades, the fruit has a rather smooth surface, a wart-like shape, ripens after 3 months of formation.

3 Nutritional composition of gotu kola

How many calories have gotu kola? This is something that many women are interested in today, because they think that this vegetable has the ability to help lose weight naturally and effectively. In 100g gotu kola will contain the following nutritional ingredients:

– Energy: 20 kcal

– Water: 88.2g

– Protein: 3.2g

– Starch: 1.8g

– Fiber: 4.5g

– Calcium: 2.29g

– Iron: 3.1g

– Beta carotene: 1.3g

– Vitamin C: 3.7g

– Vitamin B1: 0.15g

From the above ingredients, we can see that with 100g of gotu kola, it only provides 20 calories for the body. Therefore, this is a very suitable vegetable for daily use without having to worry about being overweight or storing fat in the body.

4 What are the health benefits of gotu kola?

Thanks to valuable nutrients, gotu kola becomes an extremely nutritious food, providing energy for the body and helping you to be healthier. The following are the health benefits of gotu kola:

4.1. Boost brain health

As many scientific studies have shown, gotu kola extract can help promote brain health, improve cognitive ability in people who have had a stroke caused by a stroke.

4.2. Helps treat Alzheimer’s disease

Thanks to the above improvements in brain health, gotu kola will help patients with Alzheimer’s dementia to regain their awareness and gradually recover their memory. This was demonstrated by a study in rats in 2012.

4.3. Reduce stress and anxiety

Gotu kola is rich in saponins, which are active ingredients that have a relaxing and stress-relieving effect. Therefore, people who suffer from stress, fatigue and prolonged stress due to work should use this vegetable regularly.

4.4. Support treatment of depression

Thanks to its ability to relax the nervous system, reduce fatigue and anxiety, gotu kola will support very well in the treatment of depression in patients. Since then, people with depression will be able to be active and happy again, no longer sad and depressed.

4.5. Pain relief, anti-inflammatory

Gotu kola contains a lot of flavonoid-based active ingredients that have the ability to reduce pain and anti-inflammatory very effectively. A scientific study on patients suffering from varicose veins and ankle swelling showed that consuming this vegetable significantly reduced the condition.

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4.6. Help sleep better

Active saponins in gotu kola, in addition to helping to relax and reduce stress, can also help users feel sleepy and go deeper into sleep. Since then, the quality of sleep is improved, health is enhanced.

4.7. Heal stretch marks

Gotu kola is rich in vitamin C and anti-inflammatory substances that have the ability to significantly reduce stretch marks, especially for women who are pregnant or after giving birth.

4.8. Helps heal wounds

Gotu kola has the ability to stimulate the body to produce collagen to help restore skin damage and heal wounds quickly. In addition, for newly recovered and scarred wounds, the use of vegetables also helps prevent the risk of keloid scars, making scars fade and heal quickly.

4.9. Reduce joint pain

Gotu kola has a high calcium and iron content, which is very good for people with calcium deficiency leading to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. This helps to reduce joint pain and promote bone health more effectively.

4.10. Detoxify the body

Thanks to the rich alkaloids and flavonoids, gotu kola has the ability to help detoxify and fight infections for the body, especially in the intestinal tract. Thereby helping the user’s digestive system be more healthy, preventing digestive diseases that may occur.

5 Harm of gotu kola and nWho should not eat?

Although gotu kola is a nutritious vegetable and has many health benefits, but not everyone can eat this vegetable arbitrarily without proper abstinence. Some of the following subjects should not use this vegetable too often:

5.1. People with intestinal diseases

Because gotu kola has a cold property, so people with digestive problems that are being treated, it is best not to use this vegetable to drink every day. It will cause the patient to have more severe diarrhea, affecting health.

5.2. Pregnant women

Gotu kola is considered to potentially increase the risk of miscarriage for women during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should not use this vegetable.

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5.3. People with diabetes

Gotu kola has significant cholesterol and sugar content, so it is not good for patients with diabetes. In addition, vegetables also reduce insulin sensitivity in the body.

5.4. People who are taking medicine

For those who are using drugs to treat some dangerous diseases prescribed by a doctor, it is best not to use gotu kola. Because it can cause the effect of the drug to be lost, affecting the treatment process of the patient.

5.5. People who work outside in the sun

For those who have to work outdoors under the harsh sun such as traffic police, workers, environmental sanitation workers, … absolutely must not use gotu kola for refreshment. Because in this vegetable contains some chemical components that are extremely sensitive to sunlight. This can cause the user to faint or fall into a coma.

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