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Will the “edit” button on Twitter become a mistake?-Information Technology

Sunday, April 10, 2022 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

Twitter users may soon be able to use the tweet editing feature, which has been expected for years. But some argue that this will harm Twitter.

Does the button "edit"  on Twitter has become a mistake?  - first

On April 6, Twitter said it was developing a post editing feature, after it was reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk would join Twitter’s board of directors. Over the next few months, Twitter will be testing this feature with users who subscribe to the Twitter Blue service.

The ability to edit tweets has been requested by Twitter users for years. This feature has been available on Facebook since 2013; Instagram and LinkedIn also allow users to edit posts and captions after sharing.

However, opponents of the edit feature argue that users can edit a tweet after it has gone viral and attracted a strong response from the public, causing many others to misunderstand the original meaning or change it. completely changed the debate. People who have “liked” or shared the tweet will also have to worry more about the content of the tweet being changed unintentionally. Some people think that it is necessary to limit the number of characters that can be edited.

In addition, some say that Twitter’s features lie in its 140-character limit and inability to edit spoken words. Editing tweets will allow users to be gentle with their language if they receive negative feedback, or firmly “try to eat sticky rice” if the tweet becomes famous. This makes even more sense given that Twitter has become the dominant political environment in many countries from the West to the East.

Meta – the parent corporation of Facebook and Instagram – thinks they have solved this problem. Facebook users can view the edit history of a post with a simple click.

Since 2014, Instagram also allows users to edit captions on posted videos and photos, although it does not allow changing videos or photos. Viewers can also see if the post has been edited. LinkedIn also uses editing for text, but not photos, videos, or uploaded documents.

TikTok currently does not allow editing videos or captions after posting.

Twitter has hinted at adding an editing feature in the past, but this feature only received attention recently after Elon Musk became Twitter’s largest shareholder, joined the company’s board of directors and posted Download a poll on whether to add an “edit” button to Twitter. 74% of respondents want this feature.

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