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“You shouldn’t be sensitive in an insensitive world”

This is a confession sent from: Bao Nghi – HCMC.

Today is the weekend, I meet friends for coffee and chat about a tiring week. I’m not in a good mood, I’m sad and happy, the reason why I don’t know, maybe it’s because of stress because the past week was too busy. We met in a coffee shop, talking happily, my heart also lightened somewhat. After paying, my friend told me to let it drive home, no need to catch the car to do anything to get tired, I’m ok! On the way back, we talked about many things, although our hearts were light, we were still confused.

When the car came to an intersection, I saw a street vendor, she was riding a bicycle but carrying loads of sweets behind, at the intersection she jumped down to support her legs because she couldn’t support herself while sitting, the wheels wobbled and didn’t stand. firmly, this image involuntarily made me think too much, I didn’t know too well, at that time I just thought: “I don’t know if the saleswoman is very good, in this life many people have a hard time, not alone. Looking at her helps me appreciate my current life more, at least I can work in an office and sit in air-conditioner, but I don’t have to live in the sun and rain.” In a moment, I burst into tears, my friend turned to look at me and I didn’t understand why, I immediately said: “Just looking at me is so heartbreaking”. Then, it laughed and said: “You shouldn’t be sensitive in an insensitive world, it’s just a loss for you”. After listening, I don’t want to think about it anymore, maybe everyone is different, but I still feel sorry for her and feel that I am really sensitive.

The column of Confidentiality after 6 pm is the line of thoughts after a tiring working day. Don’t hesitate, share everything with us heremaybe you will feel lighter!

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