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12-year journey “Enhancing the stature of Vietnamese people”

Grasping this, Gymstore has constantly understood customers to become an indispensable companion on the pioneering path, becoming a leading Vietnamese brand with the mission of “Enhancing the stature of Vietnamese people”. .

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How quickly has the need for gym training changed?

It can be said that health training services have never been so hot. 2022 is predicted to be a boom year in health care services, bodybuilding improvement, muscle gain, fat loss… for all subjects.

It can be easily seen: 10 years ago, when Gym was first introduced to Vietnam, this was considered as a luxury service for the rich and the elite. Moreover, at that time, it was mainly small and small gyms, spontaneous scale due to the simple needs of the exercise and did not need to be equipped with modern supporting machines. However, in the past few years, people have formed a habit of exercising every day, causing the number of large and small Gyms to be opened continuously, in order to meet the large demand from the gymnasiums. “Gym player”.

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According to the results: Gym’s growth rate so far is more than 20% of its construction value and huge transfer. Therefore, it is not surprising that Gym is a field that “makes money” in the present and future. When people’s demand for beauty as well as self-care increases, it is also the time when Gym services are maximized to their potential.

Gym not only to improve your health but also to help you toned, supple and slimmer. Moreover, going to the Gym not only has weight training but also other subjects such as Yoga, Aerobic, GroupX, swimming… suitable for all subjects, different ages and genders. Therefore, the beauty movement at any time is always a priority.

Obviously, when people focus on outer appearance, they always want to improve on the inside. Specifically, the health of the body, leading to additional food items for gym people and non-exercise people are warmly concerned! And above all, best-selling products such as Whey Protein to increase muscle, Mass Gainer to gain weight or Multivitamin to strengthen resistance.

Gymstore.vn – 12-year journey “Enhancing the stature of Vietnamese people”

Gymstore.vn is always proud to be the brand that accompanies the Vietnamese people for more than 12 years of development and constantly strives to create and innovate to bring the product value that customers want.

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And above all, Gymstore.vn always puts the word “reputation” on top during the process of serving and taking care of customers. Because of that, even though there are individuals trading in poor quality products in the supplement market, customers still fully trust the Gymstore brand as the destination for leading health care products. in Viet Nam.

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At Gymstore, Gym followers do not need to worry about product quality as well as the variety of products and prices suitable for all audiences. Here, specializing in providing bodybuilding nutritional supplements with a variety of products such as Whey Protein, weight gain milk, increased endurance, strength, vitamin supplements… the market’s leading reputation. Besides, Gymstore is also ready to share general content about general exercises, healthy eating tips, proper exercise…

Coming to Gymstore, you will be supported by a team of qualified, high-quality consultants who are thoroughly and professionally trained. In particular, every customer who comes to the Gymstore, will be given a free body mass index measurement, using a modern Inbody machine imported from Korea Accuniq 380, and in addition, there are additional incentives as well as free delivery. nationwide goods.

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With the advantage of owning diverse product lines from more than 30 famous dietary supplement brands in the world. Gymstore Vietnam is committed to providing genuine products with full distribution agency certificates from Bocci, Nutri, Sport Plus, Madi.

If you have a need, you can contact Gymstore via hotline or website for quick advice and support.

Contact Info:

Website: https://Gymstore.vn/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GymStore.vn

Hotline: 1800 2067


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