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3 simple things that mothers always crave, especially during menopause

Teasing her husband because the message had been sent for 3 hours but no reply, lying in tears in the room all night, causing the whole family to “get” a while howling for unknown reasons, …

With these stories told, everyone probably thought that this was a newly married girl. The young couple and their love are very salty, so they coddle each other. But no, not at all… This is my mother – a woman who is only 10 days away from turning 50 years old but suddenly changes her personality, difficult to please just like a teenager.

The first 50 years old are still sulking each other, it’s a bit weird to hear it, but thinking about it carefully, I think it’s okay. That just proves that my parents’ affection is very close even though they have been married for nearly three decades.

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But my mother’s sulking spread to me, this is really confusing. Why is mom sulk? Because I went out for the weekend with my boyfriend all day, only to return home at 10 pm, refused to stay home to eat with my mother… Oh my god, the first 20 year old daughter, went out at 10 o’clock at the weekend. My mother is not happy, I don’t know why…

My mother sulks me so much that for 3 days in a row, she doesn’t cook for my sisters and father. Mom said “if you want to go out, go, go out and eat it all”. Then my mother went back into the room, locked the door, leaving the three of them alone outside, not understanding what was going on.

My father just said, “Don’t blame your mother, menopausal women are so sensitive”. Then Dad laughed and rolled from the living room into the kitchen, cooking noodles for only Mom. Okay, both of them are so weird!

In the eyes of young 18-and-twenties like us, menopause is a strange and new concept. But maybe because I’m a girl, I want to pamper and understand my mother better during this time. It’s not natural that people say “girl lice”.

3 simple actions that every mother wants to receive from her children during a period of hormonal changes like “storms”

1. Confiding in mom about the little things in life

It seems that all mothers are afraid that the day will come when their children won’t coddle with me and don’t need me anymore. At the age of menopause, mothers like us at puberty, love to be cared for and absolutely hate indifference.

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So, if possible, hug your mother, swoop into her lap and tell the story of going to school or work, where this person makes it difficult for you. Feel free to speak ill of the world to your mother, cry to your mother. Mom will be very happy! It’s not that I’m happy to see my child having difficulty, but I’m happy to know that I’m still the one to confide in and find comfort in when I go out into life.

For moms, that’s never a problem.

2. Bring your close friends home to meet your mother

If you don’t mind, you can bring your lover back to meet your mother. Maybe we as children don’t know, but in fact, all parents are very happy when their children have close friends.

Parents will feel much more secure, because they believe that if there is something bothering him, he won’t tell me, then these friends will listen to him instead. Not to mention, bringing a best friend home is also a subtle way to help parents feel they can still be friends with the big kid they’ve successfully raised.

3. Don’t complain or show “discrimination” about your mother’s hobbies and friends

The generational difference can make us feel that the clothes our mother wears are weird, or that the aunts and uncles who are friends of our mother are not “charming” at all. However, please do not forget, it is the people who sympathize and understand the mother most during the difficult period of menopause.

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Thinking that way to be more open to everything I like, everyone I meet. After all, no matter how old we are and what difficulties we are facing, we all need friends by our side. No matter how concerned your husband and children are, sometimes it’s not as good as a conversation with your aunt and uncle.

Children often think that their mother will be happiest when they know her about this and that, giving her expensive gifts. The truth is not so. Mom may still be happy to receive gifts, but what makes her happiest is our affection, especially during the period when she reaches menopause.

So, whether it’s a boy or a girl, don’t forget to take care and spend time with your mother!

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