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4 tips to wear jeans to the office elegantly

Many office environments are now more comfortable in dress code. Therefore, jeans are an item that you can absolutely wear to work. However, no matter how easy the workplace is, ensuring an elegant and neat fashion style when wearing jeans It is also essential for women to maintain a professional image. Thankfully, wearing elegant jeans doesn’t have to be difficult. With just a few simple tips below, office girl not only have a youthful appearance, but also extremely elegant and sophisticated when wearing jeans.

Choose medium leg / wide leg jeans

You will easily get a neat and elegant outfit if you choose for yourself a pair of jeans with a neat shape. In contrast, with wide-leg pants, the look will look frumpy, easy to swallow. So the most ideal choice for the office lady is straight leg jeans or medium wide leg jeans. Simply put, your office outfit will be elegant and professional. It is further revealed that, if you choose the style of trousers above the ankle, if you wear flat shoes, your body will still be tall.

Always humble

When wearing jeans, the line between office elegance and dusty like walking on the street is quite thin. In order not to fall into the second case, you just need to apply a very simple secret, which is vin. This small action will create a neat and elegant look for the outfit. Not to mention, cinderella is always effective in hacking. If you emphasize the outfit with a belt, your overall outfit will be even more impressive, and also have a sophisticated look.

Match with shirt/blouse

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When it comes to the style of shirt mixed with jeans, you will immediately think of a t-shirt. But in the office environment, this street style duo is not really suitable. For the safest, please wear jeans with a shirt/blouse. This duo has a mixture of elegance and youthfulness, suitable for a serious and professional office context. In addition to basic shirt styles, with neutral tones, let’s change the style with pastel shirts! As for the blouse, there are many luxurious and elegant versions for the office lady to choose from, that is, sleeveless blouse, square neck blouse, waist press blouse or lotus leaf collar blouse…

Choose elegant shoes

Shoes also play an important role in creating a standard office suit. When going to work, shoes such as slippers, flip flops… are contraindicated, combined with any item will make your appearance look sloppy and unprofessional. Choose shoes like loafers, minimalist dolls, Oxfords or pointed toe heels. Thus, even when dressing up with jeans, women still have an elegant and trendy look.

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