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8-year-old girl wins story writing contest

HanoiNguyen Thanh Ngan, eight years old, won the excellent prize in the composition contest “Flower of the East” with the work “Train Wind”.

The award ceremony took place on the afternoon of April 10 after a year of postponement due to the epidemic, attracting the attention of experts and readers. Nguyen Thanh Ngan won the excellent prize – selected from the first prize in three categories of primary, secondary and liberal. The work revolves around the story of the ship’s driver. Wind brings cool breezes everywhere every day, helping kites fly high, pollinating flowers, and birds flying in the sky.

Nguyen Thanh Ngan (right) on stage receiving the award.  Photo: The dong dong flower

Nguyen Thanh Ngan (right) on stage receiving the award. Image: Understanding Humans

On stage, the contestant said that her love for fairy tales originates from the books her mother bought for her. Thanh Ngan is interested in creative and novel details, integrating meaningful lessons.

The contestant said: “Through everyone’s imagination, everything in the book is very magical, smiles can also be sad and leaves can turn into dreamy butterflies. Once when I went out to the garden to play, I looked at the trees and looked at the trees. When the wind blew, I suddenly came up with an idea for my story.” Thanh Ngan imagines the wind as a diligent train driver who works hard to help life. Candidates take one day to compose and a few more days to edit, perfect, and then submit the test.

Writer Le Phuong Lien – head of the jury of the contest – commented that Nguyen Thanh Ngan’s imagination makes everything come to life. She said: “When I read the work, I imagine Uncle Wind driving the ship strong and kind. The love of the eight-year-old author makes me Wind Train very real but also very magical.”

List of awards for the fourth time “The flower of the same voice”

The first prize in the Middle School category goes to the work Open door by Dang Phuong Lan, 11 years old in Nam Dinh. In the Freedom category, Nguyen Thi Oanh, 48 years old from Dong Nai won the prize with the story Cats sleeping in the nest. In addition, the organizers awarded six second prizes, nine third prizes and six consolation prizes in all categories.

Author Hideko Nagano – member of the jury – commented that this year’s entries have better quality than previous years. She was impressed with the contestants in the primary category by her ability to observe, perceive and interesting way of conveying. “Children always surprise us by expressing an unexpected new way of seeing, contrary to common thinking. Their works are not inferior to adults. That is something that even I myself had to learn. asked a lot,” she said.

The book The Dong Hoa Dialogue is a Vietnamese-Japanese bilingual collection of the winning works.  Photo: Understanding Nhan

The book “The flower of the same voice” is a Vietnamese-Japanese bilingual collection of the winning works. Image: Understanding Humans

Dialogue is a genre for children. In it, animals and objects are personified, creating a magical world, helping children’s imagination and language ability to expand. Competition Synonymous flowers co-founded by Kim Dong Publishing House and a sponsor in Japan, held for the first time in 2018. In 2021, the contest attracts 2,336 contestants with 2,915 works.

Contestants are divided into three categories: free (all ages), elementary students, and junior high school students. The organizers do not limit the number of entries. The winning works will be translated into Japanese, edited, illustrated, printed and distributed as a Vietnamese-Japanese bilingual anthology.

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