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9X Hanoi “left the city to go to the forest”, invested in farmstay and received a bitter ending, experts pointed out the mistakes that caused investors to “die” capital

According to experts, investing in farmstay has many opportunities but also many risks. Without learning about the feasibility of the project, investing in the crowd, the trend… will easily make investors capital “dead”.

In recent years, farmstay, a model of tourism combined with agriculture and real estate, is flourishing and becoming a new trend.

Seeing many people “left the street to the forest” to work on farmstay, their lives were posted on social networks quite “poetic”, Mr. Nguyen Tu (27 years old), living in Ho Chi Minh City also decided to leave the street. The crowded hospital came back to the garden to make farmstay.

Sharing with this decision, he confided: “I am originally from Hanoi. After finishing university, I went to Ho Chi Minh City to work. But life and work have too many things that make me disappointed, so I decided to work at farmstay.”

However, after operating for more than 1 year, Mr. Tu realized that being a farmer cum business is not easy at all.

He said: “I spent 500 million to improve the land, buy plant seeds, make a plumbing system to water plants, build a few houses for visitors to visit and experience… However, the plants were not planted properly. The art should die, the tree that survives is bitten by a mouse, the watering system is also damaged because of the rat destruction…

Actually, at first, I thought life in the garden was very rosy, but I didn’t think it was as difficult as it is now. How much capital I poured into this, now there is no income, I have to borrow more money from relatives and friends to finance the operation. Not to mention, the 2ha land in Dak Lak that I am using is lent by relatives, so I don’t have to pay rent or buy land.

The Hanoi-born boy shared, because he had no experience, plus he didn’t find out how his predecessors did, what difficulties, what to pay attention to… so when starting If you put your hands on it, you won’t be in trouble.

“After nearly 2 years of operation, I still have not earned any profit, my capital is buried here. There are times when I don’t have a penny in my pocket, I have to search this in my memory to see who has borrowed money from me before, text them a sentence for them to pay, take the money to spend. Sometimes I feel sluggish, but this is the way, it’s my decision, so I have to lift myself up and try to do it until the end”, Mr. Tu shared.

“Tips” for investing in farmstay

Investing in farmstay model is not easy, so after a period of blooming, there was a wave of abandoning farmstay, many people selling and cutting losses on social networking sites and real estate buying and selling websites.

Experts say that many misconceptions and misconceptions about farmstay cause many investors to participate in this model because they cannot earn the expected profits and create a sense of apprehension.

Experts say that many people invest in farmstay but do not really understand this model, causing many difficulties while working.Problems with legal procedures such as buying forest land, land in dispute… the roads and traffic at the farmstay place are inconvenient, remote, or the labor in that area is expensive and unprofessional… are factors that make many investors give up.

In order to invest in farmstay effectively and achieve profit expectations, .nguyen Quoc Anh – CEO of The Field Owner Investment Co., Ltd. believes that it is necessary to properly understand Farmstay and choose the right investment needs.

“Farmstay is a concept combining two elements including Farm as a farm and Stay as a residence. Farmstay properly understood is a resort model that combines rural life experience and rest. A Farmstay can provide experiences from planting, raising livestock to harvesting and using the agricultural products that they have taken care of, “said Mr. Quoc Anh.

There are four main groups of customers running the farmstay business model, including: family groups in the countryside, households with existing farms and want to expand accommodation services, business development; the second group is urban people who want to choose a second house in the countryside, developing it into a family resort combined with business when not in use; The third group is investors who see this as a new model in real estate investment and the last group is those who want to leave the urban lifestyle and go to the countryside to develop farmstay as a new start-up model. Considering these four customer groups, there will be different factors to develop the farmstay model.

Mr. Quoc Anh pointed out that regional master planning and land use are very important factors for farmstay. Unlike homestay, the land fund to develop a farmstay must be large, so that it is suitable for the farm model. Experience is the leading factor in developing farmstay, so if you develop farmstay without providing a variety of experiences, it is very difficult to succeed. When choosing a farmstay, investors need to consider whether the area planning factor is suitable to develop this model or not.

According to experts, farmstay has its own characteristics in development, so if the planning is not appropriate, it will be very difficult to develop successfully.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu – CEO & Founder of Bao Loc Golden Farm said that it is necessary to survey traffic infrastructure factors before choosing a suitable area for farmstay. Do not choose areas that are too far from the center or the traffic is difficult and too isolated.

Farmstay is a model of both resort and service exploitation. If connecting utilities with the area is too difficult, it will be difficult to attract guests to stay, experience, move too far in adverse infrastructure conditions, which will reduce the competition of investors.

Climate, water, and soil are important factors to build a successful farm model. A farmstay must ensure the nature of effective agricultural farming. Therefore, if the climate and soil are not suitable for the development of agricultural cultivation, it is very difficult to build a successful farmstay model.

Another point, according to Mr. Hieu, investors need to pay attention to is that the distinctiveness of the development model is a factor that helps farmstay compete with similar models.

In order to attract guests to stay at a time when the farmstay model is flourishing as it is today, investors must know how to find their own and unique features in farm construction, experience as well as logistics services to be able to earn money. attract tourists to experience and stay.

Creating your own, unique personality for the farmstay model is an advantage for homeowners to raise points and successfully attract tourism. If your model is not distinctive, just general, it will be difficult to leave an impression on tourists.

Mr. Quoc Anh emphasized, investors also need to survey the culture and human resources of the region – this is often overlooked by investors.

Farmstay is also a resort model, the exploitation of resort services, so the quality of service is very important. Human resources for farmstay also require professionalism, even more skills than human resources for a traditional resort model. Therefore, in order to develop this type, it is also necessary to focus on training professionalism and resort style for personnel and above all, consider the region for appropriate investment.

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