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Actor Tung Duong suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized

In early April, actor Tung Duong’s relatives shared a picture of him being hospitalized. Many colleagues expressed concern and wished the actor good health.

Confirm with Tien Phongthe daughter of actor Tung Duong said that his father’s health is not good at the moment.

“My father is old, has severe diabetes, in addition to having inherited heart disease. This time my father was hospitalized for the third time, due to sudden myocardial infarction, which is quite dangerous.. .” Thien Nga, Tung Duong’s daughter said.

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Actress Hoa Thuy – Tung Duong’s ex-wife and daughter visited him at the hospital.

Tung Duong’s daughter and ex-wife, actress Hoa Thuy, also said that the actor, born in 1969, had to be hospitalized for treatment due to stress during the script writing process.

Family members said the actor has been discharged from the hospital. However, his health is only temporary, has improved a bit and still needs regular monitoring.

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Hoa Thuy and Tung Duong have a common daughter, born in 1998.

In the past few days, actor Tung Duong has attracted attention with his statement: “It is time for the education industry to remove the sentence Learn, study, study forever out of the textbook (textbook). What just happened is so heartbreaking.”

The statement on the social network of actor Tung Duong attracted many comments from netizens, most of which said that the actor did not fully understand the meaning of the sentence. The word “learning” in the sentence not only refers to the acquisition of knowledge in books, but also refers to cultivating life skills, constantly innovating and creating to adapt to modern life.

After the controversial statement, actor Tung Duong explained and admitted that he should write more clearly to avoid misunderstandings. He said, due to the short exclamation, which was written spontaneously while in the hospital, many people misunderstood what he meant.

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Actor Tung Duong devoted himself to art after three marriage breakdowns.

Actor Tung Duong was born in 1969, is a familiar face to the audience when he has taken on many roles in TV series such as: Mysterious Journey, Happy Singles, Silver Swamp, Smooth River, Borderline Underground…Over the years, he has been involved in the writing and training of young actors. The most recent broadcast film written by Tung Duong is Stealth.

Success impresses the audience on screen, but in real life, Tung Duong’s private life encounters many difficulties. The actor, born in 1969, has been divorced three times. He married his first wife at the age of 25 but soon divorced after both welcomed their first daughter.

In 1996, Tung Duong participated in the movie Live forever with the capital, met his second wife, actress Hoa Thuy. However, the small family of three only lived happily together for 7 years and then “went their separate ways”, parting peacefully. Currently, the two still maintain a relationship of friends, taking care of and taking care of their daughter together.

Actor’s marriage Judge to the third wife also lasted only a short time. In 2020, the actor revealed that he had divorced his partner 17 years younger.

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