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Axiom . Private Commercial Mission

Crew Dragon spacecraft connected to ISS at about 8:30 am on April 9 in the US time (ie 19:30 in Vietnam time). Joining this mission are Axiom Vice President Michael Lopez-Alegria, American businessman Larry Connor, Canadian investor Mark and Israeli businessman Ethan Stibbe.

Axiom-1 is a commercial mission with the astronaut First private to set foot on the ISS. Four crew members will spend 8 days on Space Station to carry out scientific and biomedical research, along with 7 permanent members of the station including 3 American astronauts, 3 Russian cosmonauts and one German cosmonaut.

NASA’s Webcast captures images showing the four smiling Axiom-1 astronauts wearing navy blue suits being warmly greeted by the ISS permanent crew with hugs and handshakes.

This space mission is a partnership between startups Axiom, SpaceX and NASA, and is seen as the next step of commercial space ventures in the low-Earth orbit economy.

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