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China uses technology to fight epidemics in Shanghai

After more than 2 weeks of blockade, the number of new cases in Shanghai is still high. However, in order to limit the negative effects of blockade order To the majority of the city’s population, officials began to announce a roadmap for easing the blockade. In parallel, the city of Shanghai will increase the use of big data to help control and prevent the epidemic wave.

Shanghai authorities pasted QR codes at locations including schools, residential areas, offices, shopping malls, cinemas and public facilities such as train stations, bus stations and airports. The QR code system ensures that only people with a valid health code colored green (i.e. in good health), are allowed into the facility. The system will also warn if there is a risk of an outbreak in the relevant public areas.

Mr. Zhu Junwei – Deputy Director, Shanghai Big Data Center, China shared: “We have put into use the QR code health code system in public places, believing that the anti-epidemic work can be effective. could be made better with the help of this technology”.

Shanghai has put into use high-tech field hospitals equipped with high-speed Internet to support the operation of disinfection robots. Currently, the field hospitals in Shanghai have a total capacity of 21,000 beds.

Shanghai authorities began to announce a plan to gradually ease the blockade measures. The districts in the city are divided into three areas. Areas with no cases of infection for 2 weeks are classified as the lowest risk and people can move and shop. Shanghai will continue to flexibly adjust to the new system, while minimizing the impact of the blockade on residents.

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