“Conscience won’t let me stop…”

The story of Lieutenant Thai Ngo Hieu, 33 years old, of the Fire and Rescue Team in Trang Bom area, Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of Dong Nai Provincial Police, saved 3 victims. drowning in the waters of Phuoc Tinh commune, Long Dien district (Ba Ria-Vung Tau province) is widely shared on social networks.

Share with Dan TriLieutenant Hieu said that when he saw the group of people in distress, the swimming area was only there with the group of victims and his family.

Artificial rocky shore – the area where the victims swim is about 40m long, more than 30m from the shore. The inside of the rocky shore had no waves, at first the victims gathered there, then they encountered unusually large waves, so they clung to each other, swept away by the waves.

Swim to the place, Mr. Hieu climbed onto the rocky shore, looked down and saw that the group was dying. Waves swept them out to sea more than 10m from the rocky shore. In it, a girl fainted, was hugged by a young man.

Mr. Ngo Hieu jumped down, swam to the place and hit the young man’s hand hard, separating the two. He pulled the girl and pushed 2 other young men to the shore at the same time.

At that time, Hieu heard the voice of friends on the shore: “Hieu, be careful. Don’t try too hard”.

  The male police officer recounted the moment of emergency to save 4 drowning people in Vung Tau: My conscience did not allow me to stop... - Photo 1.

Lieutenant Thai Ngo Hieu

But without time to rest, Mr. Hieu returned immediately. Fortunately, just swimming to the place, local people were present and saved 2 more people in trouble. The last person was then pulled to safety by Mr. Hieu.

“Before that, I had been swimming for a long time, my body was tired, so people were afraid that I wouldn’t be able to save the victims, sometimes affecting their lives. But at that time I didn’t think much of it, just thought how to save it. I’m a lifeguard, my conscience won’t allow me to stop,” said Lieutenant Thai Ngo Hieu.

After bringing the group ashore, seeing that the victim was drinking a lot of water and was in a state of lack of oxygen, Mr. Hieu quickly performed CPR, gave first aid, and then called someone to transport the victims to the emergency room.

  The male police officer recounted the emergency moment of 4 drowning people in Vung Tau: My conscience did not allow me to stop... - Photo 2.

Mr. Hieu and his wife (Photo: Laborer)

According to Traffic Newspaperknowing that one more victim was still missing, Mr. Hieu and the officers and soldiers of the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Police force continued to organize the search, but when they found the victim, they did not survive.

“Despite my efforts to search, I could only bring 4 victims to shore. I did not expect that there were still missing people who were submerged in the water before, so I couldn’t save them. I’m sorry…”, Mr. Hieu shared.

It is known that Lieutenant Thai Ngo Hieu has participated in many large and small rescues, saving many lives and was commended by the Fire Department for his rescue work.

According to VOV, On the morning of April 11, Ba Ria Hospital said that yesterday, one patient was discharged from the hospital, and two patients were asked to be transferred to Ho Chi Minh City by their family members for further treatment. This morning, the patient is in a critical condition (flooding, lack of oxygen in the brain), whose health condition is stable, and is being continued by doctors. phep-toi-dung-lai-20220411100248856.chn

According to PV (T/H)


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