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Dad almost backed up his car and hit his daughter

ThailandThe father backed the hatchback in the yard, right behind was his 3-year-old daughter playing, on March 29 in Bangkok.

Dad backs up his car and almost hits his daughter

Video: Ratchanee Ngamsangnin

Situation: The father drove the car from the house to the yard and the two young daughters followed behind. After approaching the road, the driver slowly backed into the yard. Meanwhile, the big girl was standing a few meters away, but the little girl, just 3 years old, was playing in the middle of the yard.

The father seemed to be quite careful, so he backed the car slowly, but did not know one of the two daughters was sitting right behind the car. When the car approached, the 3-year-old girl was still sitting in place but raised her hand to stop the car. At the same time, the father spotted his daughter through the reverse camera, so he braked in time. Fortunately, there were no unfortunate consequences.

Skills to remember: The mother herself posted the video on the social networking site, recounting the heart-pounding experience of the family. This woman said that she would like to advise families with young children to always watch their children carefully to avoid accidents with similar situations.

In addition to the fact that adults must always take precautions when driving where children are around, it is also necessary to teach children how to protect themselves and to stay away from dangerous places, such as traffic.

This video also shows the usefulness of the reversing camera in the car. No matter how skilled the driver in reversing and observing, he cannot see the obstacles that are in the blind spot, such as the baby in the video. With the larger and taller vehicle, the larger the blind spot area at the rear of the vehicle. Therefore, equipped with reverse camera is very necessary.

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